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  1. Hi my 14yr old daughter will also be there for the last week.
  2. Hi, yes we auditioned for SA’s but my daughter also got finals for White Lodge Y10. We’ve had an email saying we won’t hear about the WL place until after the international auditions, on the week of 19th April, so my guess is SA results won’t come out until the week after that.
  3. Totally agree! Am trying (& failing) to put it out of my head! My daughter also leaves for the Spring Intensive on Tuesday - I’d hope she’d know before but clearly not! Will be tough if I hear it’s a ‘no’ whilst she’s there 😬
  4. There were 3 boys & 3 girls in the Y10 audition group my daughter was in but she said there were older looking girls in the class before her so possibly a mixed Y10 & 11 group. Impossible to know for sure!
  5. My daughter was told they wouldn’t hear until the end of April which seems a very long wait & will obviously impact on MA & SA results too 😬.
  6. Certainly wasn’t feeling relaxed this time yesterday 😂. We had a morning arrival slot. Hope it’s gone well for your dd today!
  7. My daughter is auditioning tomorrow for a Y10 place.
  8. Hello! First time posting & as MyBalletboy said such a helpful community with loads of great advice! My DD got a yes and is in group 2. She also got SWL for Y6 RBS JA's which was a lovely surprise, but we know it's extremely unlikely to translate into a place! She's so thrilled about Tring & can't wait for September . Can anyone clarify how the assessments work? Are they yearly or more frequent and do they ever assess out?
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