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  1. Hello, I wondered if anyone did the online ballet audition for central associates? and to perhaps share when you get news of if you were successful?
  2. Really surprised haven’t heard much from people being offered places from swl. They don’t seem to want to offer any information which they normally would. mom also disappointed in them, that they’re only offering pre recorded videos for the associates and not zoom classes like central school of ballet. much harder to get them motivated for pre records and also don’t get the full class or any corrections. Really disappointing for my dad to end her royal journey like this. Not even any word of trying to arrange a class once this is over maybe as at least a last class to say goodbye to teacher and friends.
  3. Anyone know if any mids places been offered from swl yet?
  4. Anyone know if anyone offered mids place from swl yet?
  5. Sorry if this had been asked! but do most people get told they’re on the shorting waiting list for mids? Do some get a straight no?
  6. Hi How long until you were offered a place from swl?
  7. Hi Can I ask how long after the initial no and being out on swl was it until you got offered a place?
  8. They’re really drawing it out lol.. haven’t heard of anyone received anything today
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