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  1. Sorry if this had been asked! but do most people get told they’re on the shorting waiting list for mids? Do some get a straight no?
  2. Hi How long until you were offered a place from swl?
  3. Hi Can I ask how long after the initial no and being out on swl was it until you got offered a place?
  4. They’re really drawing it out lol.. haven’t heard of anyone received anything today
  5. Apparently not until Tuesday or Wednesday they said for Birmingham
  6. Oh really!! Wow no idea what’s taking to so long with Birmingham’s then. Was that year 7 girls place? @Sally-Anne
  7. Let’s keep each other posted if we hear if any. but I reckon maybe London’s today possibly but Birmingham next week 🤷🏽‍♀️
  8. I’m still waiting for this day too. seems unfair they start releasing results and then take a break for the rest of the week of not giving results to those still waiting. I think London year 7 from Sunday 26th jan and Birmingham 30th still waiting. I’ve decided I think it will be next week! 😩
  9. Congratulations to those that have made it to finals! Seems to have been a break in results now I believe London from 26th jan and Birmingham still haven’t heard yet! Wonder how long it tends to be for those last auditions to get results. I’m thinking won’t be before next week.
  10. Congratulations to those that have made it to finals! Think just Birmingham’s to come out now good luck to those still waiting
  11. Do you k is of London ones that have results? Is that from Sunday 26th?
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