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  1. I agree with everything said above - we were there yesterday, too. Bruce Wall has beautifully translated into words what I and my companions thought, and it was a brilliant evening. Alina Cojocaru's Aurora was mesmerising, and we are still having an ongoing discussion as to who was better as Aurora - Alina Cojocaru last night or Natalia Osipova in the Royal Ballet version from a year or so ago; I am interested to see what other forum members think, as well. The other dancers were also on form, and I personally liked Shiory Kase as the Lilac Fairy; Carabosse got a good booing (me included) at the curtain call, which was funny (Beryl H - I also though he looked like Queen Elizabeth I !). The orchestra really brought Tchikovsky's score to life and they were great. We were in the Upper Circle, and it was by no means full, and I think that is a shame as it is a wonderful production, with sumptuous costumes to boot. If anyone still hasn't bought tickets, then just do it - you will not be disappointed, especially as the discount codes in the "Special Ticket Offers" section of this forum are still working. I am very fortunate to have tickets for Swan Lake on Saturday (Osipova/Ball) which we are looking forward to naturally (and we have a jazz concert for Friday), so it's a busy week for me.
  2. Hello everyone. Travelzoo have a promo code "travelzookiss" : What's included Tickets in the Stalls and Dress Circle, usually £96.50, are now £65 Tickets in the Dress Circle, usually £80.50, are now £65 Tickets in the Dress Circle, usually £60.50, are now £35 Tickets in the Upper Circle, usually £26.50, are now £16.50 When 7:30pm... 20-23, 26-30 June 2:30pm... 21, 23, 30 June I just tried it (but didn't buy yet!) and it seemed to be working. Apologies if I have posted incorrectly! https://londoncoliseum.org/whats-on/kiss-me-kate/
  3. Thank you Bluebird. I think it's working now, everyone.
  4. Serenade - I am glad it's not just me that doesn't get any of Wayne McGregor's works. We were there Friday - apart from someone nearby having an unfortunate coughing fit for 10 minutes early on in Marguerite & Armand, it was wonderful; Osipova and Shklyarov were on form as usual. Elite Syncopations was really enjoyable, although I don't think all of the ballet worked with all the Rag pieces; I especially like Melissa Hamilton dancing.
  5. Naomi - thank you so much for the advance warning. No holidays for me then next year between 25 July and 19 August! I would have gone on a short holiday to Riga, Latvia where the Bolshoi will performing later this year (October), but they are only doing a couple of performances of Taming of the Shrew. My preferences for 2019 are Spartacus and La Corsaire - but lest see what happens.
  6. I went last night, and although not a fan of modern ballet came away having thoroughly enjoyed myself, as the Quadruple Bill was more enjoyable for me than the recent Bernstein triple bill at the ROH. I found that the 4th piece (PLAYLIST) was the best piece of modern ballet I have ever seen - it was stunning and very uplifting. One of the reasons I went, was to see Alina Cojocaru for the first time since her amazing Giselle at the ENO last year, but she was only on briefly. However, it was my first viewing of Isaac Hernandez - I think he was the standout dancer yesterday, and was fantastic.
  7. We went on Friday night. My 2 (female) companions enjoyed it, although I (male) did not. Perhaps I didn't enjoy the subject matter, and found the throwing of Manon from man to man unsettling and misogynistic. I had high hopes for the Natalia Osipova/Vladimir Shklyarov pairing having seen them before in Marguerite & Armand but I felt Osipova was restrained (my perception is totally different from reviews above!) and Shklyarov performed better than Osipova. I think I was comparing Natalia Osipova to last month's performance in Giselle where she took our breath away, but they are 2 totally different productions written a hundred years apart, so my comparison is flawed and I accept that. We went specifically to see Natalia Osipova and Vladimir Shklyarov - hopefully they will reignite the passion again in next month's Marguerite & Armand in the Obisidian Tear/Elite Syncopations triple bill.
  8. Thanks, Blossom - 40% is a great discount. I am tempted to book just so we can see Alina Cojocaru again! I think I might wait until tomorrow when hopefully someone would have reviewed today's opening performance.
  9. We also went, around a week ago. I have never seen the Shakespeare play, so it was very new for me. It was a powerful, emotional piece, and just like Scheherezade, I had sympathy for Lucic's Macbeth at the end (it sort of reminded me of the paranoia of the Nixon presidency!). We all thought Netrebko was breathtaking, by the way. I am so glad I went, and am really looking forward to Verdi's Falstaff in July.
  10. Good for you, caveycapers! If you haven't booked your additional shows - same for anyone else in the same position - just go ahead and do it; as you said, how often to the stars align for this? Living in London, I do realise how fortunate I am in having access to so much non-stop, world class entertainment (no disrepect to any of other non-London companies).
  11. MAB - thank you for clearing up the Canning Town conundrum (it was unclear on the ENB website what exactly was happening). Midsummer Night's Dream was the first Britten opera either of us had seen - we may end up seeing Billy Budd next year at ROH (depends on what else we are going to see). Scheherezade - we were in the Balcony for Midsummer Night's Dream (as well as Rodelinda a few months ago), but I do prefer the Dress Circle if I can afford it or the Upper Circle, as you are closer to the action. I always check out the legroom in the front row wherever I can as we usually get to our seats early, but this invariably cramped for me. I think we were in the 3rd or 4th row in the Balcony and that was fine. Reading your comments gives me a bit a second thought of seeing ENB Swan Lake in 2019 - do you have any idea what the Derek Deane production will be like? If we go, that'll be a Swan Lake in 2017, 2018, and 2019 for me!
  12. MAB - we also went to Midsummer's Night Dream last week. Despite it being a modern opera, I actually thought it was good (I don't usually enjoy modern opera/ballet). My girlfriend, however, who usually likes everything, thought it was "the worst thing she has ever seen"! Her comment did surprise me, and made me laugh. Back on topic - I thought ticket prices for ENO's La Traviata were too expensive, and as we went to a splendid ROH production in 2017 or 2016, I didn't bother with ENO this time. However, we did go to ENO's Barber of Seville in October and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we are going to Marriage of Figaro next month - I do hope that's going to be good. The point I am making (sorry for doing it in a roundabout way) is that I am trying to support both ENO and ROH, as I feel they both have a valuable place in London. However, like most people, I have limited funds, and so I do try to be a bit selective. Am I right - or confused and just plain wrong - that ENB are moving to Canning Town so won't be performing at The Coliseum any more? Won't that cause a big hole for ENO/Coliseum? Lastly, looking just now at what's on at The Coliseum, Swan Lake is on twice (2018 and 2019), and Manon is on in 2019. We are seeing both of these productions in the next few months at ROH performed by Royal Ballet; had these not been on at the ROH this year, we may have gone to ENO to watch the ENB productions, but I just can't afford (or want) to keep going to see the same productions - I want to see something different! Apologies for the long post.
  13. We went yesterday, and unfortunately it was definately "meh" for both of us. Out of the 3 pieces, "Age of Anxiety" we enjoyed the most, but disliked both Yugen and Corybantic Games. I will add that whenever I go to see any show (ballet, opera, concert, theatre, etc), I always approach it with an open mind, even if I have read reviews - as in this case - which are mixed/bad. So I was ready to like and enjoy the evening. However, both Yugen and Corybantic Games failed to engage my girlfriend and I - perhaps they were just too modern for us! We will be seeing the Obsidian Tear mixed bill (mainly for Osipova/Shklyarov in Margeurite & Armand), which has also McGregor's Obsidian Tear, and out of the 3 ballet yesterday, Yugen was the one we liked least. It just looked like contemporary dance (including the red baggy trousers) instead of ballet. Nevertheless, I will again approach the performances with an open mind. However, I am glad that others did enjoy the Bernstein triple bill.
  14. Thanks, Jan. I booked a couple of tickets for this, via an "Early Bird Offer", which is available on purchases up to 31 March. The £45 tickets are reduced to £27.50, and the £35 tickets reduced to £20.
  15. Oh dear! Both sim and annamk have got me worried - I am going tomorrow (Sat 17). I am not a fan of modern ballet/opera, but was intrigued by the Bernstein connection, so bought tickets for the triple bill. Now I wonder if it's going to be "wow" or "meh" for me!?
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