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  1. Starshine

    John Mallinson

    Very sad news, sending love, prayers and strength to all John’s family and friends, may he rest in peace xx
  2. Just a glimmer of hope for everyone on SWL, we received the ‘Royal’ phone call yesterday and my DD has been offered a Mids place from SWL, we are all absolutely over the moon and DD is as high as a kite. So there is still some movement happening, fingers crossed for everyone else still waiting 🤞🏻
  3. I have been reading this topic as it brings back so many memories and emotions. My DD is just about to finish her time as a JA and it really is a wonderful experience, don’t be sad if it’s a ‘not yet’ my DD got a no for yr 4, insisted on trying again and got a yes for yr 5 so it is worth persevering! They are all stars in my eyes anyway for putting themselves through an audition process at such a young age. Congratulations to the yes’ and enjoy making your lovely memories! Fingers crossed for all those still waiting to hear - I remember the dreaded email refresh so well, it really is torture x
  4. Which centre was this for? We are waiting for Manchester! Sorry for your DD x
  5. Thank you so much - your DD does sound a bit smaller than my DD but think I will still go for the 0 and hope for the best ? X
  6. If you don't mind me asking what size clothes does your DD normally wear - my DD has got a year 5 place and want to order her uniform but it's so difficult trying to guess when no idea what the sizes come up like ?? I'm thinking size 0 as she is quite small for her age x
  7. I don't think there is any set pattern to the time you might get the emails - we got a yes this year at 12:47 and a no last year at 6:09p.m - sending good luck vibes to all those still waiting and well dones to the yes's and a big well done to all that auditioned but got a no this time xxx
  8. It's a yes for us for Manchester, so shocked but so proud off DD - can't wait to pick her up from dance class to tell her and her teacher. So sorry for all of the no's, hope all the children are not too disappointed and try again next year - we got a no last year so know how disappointing it can be although the audition itself is a wonderful opportunity. Good luck to all still waiting ?? Xx
  9. Sorry it's a no BoyOhBoy - but like you said what a fun day out anyway and how many children can say they've danced with teachers from the Royal Ballet School - its a wonderful experience in itself! Hope your DD wasnt too disappointed xx
  10. Hi everyone, my DD auditioned in Manchester last year on 6th May and we got the results letter on the 8th June so think the results will be soon - good luck everyone, we too are waiting to hear and although there are very limited places so chances are slim I need to get my life back and stop checking my e-mails :-) x
  11. Have you got any two piece Lyrical costumes for sale?
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