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  1. Announcement tomorrow according to insta...
  2. Thank you all! Off to research!
  3. Hi All With the rise of Instagram comes the rise of the gorgeous ballet photo! I would really like to buy my teen a photoshoot for Christmas as I am not skilled in this direction, one using outdoor locations as I know she really likes these - we live in York so there are lotds of very scenic places very close by!. Does anyone have any recommendations for Yorkshire/NE and how much should we realistically pay for 2 hours? Thanks!
  4. Hello There's no booking system, you simply turn up and queue. We've waited half an hour and we've been seen straight away, it just depends how busy they are. Some times my daughter has been fitted very quickly, other times it's taken several styles and sizes before they and she are happy. We live a long way away so tend to pop in every time we're in London and my daughter is now quite happy to go alone (at 15) if time is short. Any problems you can email them - we've sometimes booked appointments in Bloch and Capezio as well just to give her a good assortment to try. Hope that helps!
  5. We've been travelling to Northern Ballet for over four years now, and have almost solely used the train. It's a fast ten minutes walk from the station, means no dealing with the one way system, car park charges etc and now the daughter is older she can travel independently which is great preparation for going away. Obviously she would prefer to be driven there and back, especially back, but she's used to the train now and regular commuting has really helped her mature. Not possible for everyone I know, and it isn't cheap either, but it's really helped my time management!
  6. If the dates fit then packaging it can take a lot of the visa hassles away and be cheaper. Sixteen years ago we found it was half the price to go with Jules Verne than independently although at just 30 then we were about half the age of everyone else! We did everything independently once in St Petersburg although there were tours if people wanted them - I think everyone else did. I wish we'd done both cities, but we just did St P which was glorious. Sadly I wasn't a ballet fan at the time so didn't even try for tickets. A big regret! It was April and very wet!
  7. Hi, we packed a leotard per day plus tights etc, otherwise she just wore tracksuits/leggings/ tees and something a little smarter for the party. She didn't wear half the casual stuff she brought. Otherwise I'd recommend a little money for tuck and that's it. They don't need very much. My daughter didn't know anyone and can be a little shy but she was absolutely fine. I did send her a chocolate pizza to share about 3 nights in and that really helped her feel sort of a group. It was a great experience and she loved every moment. Feel free to DM with any questions!
  8. Hi Has the Claudia Dean been sold? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am in the process of doing this for my 15 year old daughter for the exact same reasons. She isn't even at upper school yet, let alone looking for a job, but I wanted her to have the security of EU membership before she applies to upper school and shuts down other career options, especially as she is keen on applying to Europe for vocational school. It took me 6 months to get my passport and we are currently 8 months into waiting for her nationalisation. Passport will be another 6 months so I'm glad we did this well in advance. It's long-winded and complicated and expensive - but I did keep my passport by sending in a notorised copy. It's also worth it to keep her career options open in and out of dance. Good luck!
  10. Thanks so much everyone. It's definitely doable to day trip, but maybe not for a sixteenth birthday trip and school/work the next day. We'll have to experiment on a weekend... Lamb and Vadim it is. Now I just have to decide where to book tickets. We usually stand at the top of the amphitheatre but that seems a little unfair for a birthday present!
  11. My daughter would like to see Manon for her 16th birthday which is on the 3 October. She happens to have a school teacher training day on her birthday so I was thinking of either leaving work early and whisking her straight to London after school (we live in York) for the opening performance on the 2nd to see Lamb and Vadim and staying over or day tripping down on her actual birthday for Cuthbertson and Ball. She would adore either cast. If we day trip then the last train back is at 11. Do any experienced ROH goers get this train and how tight is it time wise getting from CV to KC at that time? Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know of any performances in New York later this month? I'm at a conference from July 23 for 4 nights and would love to see some ballet while I'm there but can't see anything on during those dates.
  13. Sorry for the jargon! It's Birmingham and the ICE is the International Conference and Exhibition centre (I think? Big conference centre anyway!). It's 2 mins from the Crescent theatre where NYB do 3 shows and so uses the same hotels NYB parents and friends do.
  14. Hi Just a heads up to parents whose DC are doing NYB this year, there's a big HE Conference at the ICE and they have conference rates at all the usual hotels near the Crescent, so you may want to book early. Planning to combine dance momming with work this year and attend the conference which is how I know!
  15. I've come latish to watching ballet and if it wasn't for an aspiring ballerina daughter would probably have never come to it at all. But through her I've spent the last few years watching the RB, BRB, ENB, New Adventures and NB live and on screen. I'm very uncritical, mostly due to ignorance, and, as a writer not a dancer, much much prefer a clear narrative structure and like to know who everything or everyone is, why they are there and how they contribute to the plot. So when I read the first reviews of Victoria I was nervous about whether it was for me or not. I didn't need to worry, I was absolutely blown away by the dancing - the trio with young and old Beatrice had me close to tears - and with a quick read of the programme and this forum found it easy to follow, although I did take Jan's advice and not worry too much about which child was which. The childbirth scene felt comical at first, then increasingly grim as the reality of the impact of constant birth had on her hit home. I would love to watch it again - and so would my 15 year old daughter who came out glowing and who enjoyed both the story and the dancing. As someone who lives in the north and whose schedule - and more restrictively child's schedule - means getting to London to see the RB is achievable once a year a most, I am so grateful for innovative and accessible regional dance and to see it discussed here with such passion.
  16. I doubt the reason is anything sinister, probably more to do with safeguarding. My daughter did a year of Scholars last year and two or three summer schools. She had some brilliant teachers across all three disciplines - and would love to still learn with the contemporary teacher and at least one of the ballet teachers and several jazz if she could; they were all very well renowned. The focus is no longer purely on classical because of the recognition that dancers need to be more well rounded, but the classical teaching is very good and at least two alumni went to well reputed vocational ballet schools at 16 last year. Worth auditioning and seeing what she thinks and decide from there!
  17. Academy holidays start at the end of this week so that may be why - the staff are probably taking some much needed leave!
  18. My daughter's now a CAT after three years as an Associate and there is no denying it is a HUGE commitment, with intensives in half terms and holidays as well as evenings and weekends. However the teaching and pastoral care is wonderful, their outcomes are fantastic and learning alongside a working company is an absolute privilege - the insight they get into life as a dancer is unparalleled. She has also grown up a huge amount this year, commuting both in and out, which I just wouldn't have thought possible at the beginning of the year. Obviously your daughter is too young to do this, but there may be lift share opportunities with other parents and the office can help you find those. All I can suggest for the audition is that your daughter do her best and does her best to enjoy it - and to show she's having fun. Don't be afraid to answer questions if any are asked and to remember that a no is not a no forever, it might just be a not yet. Good luck!
  19. Hi, yes, this is the flaw in the plan! We'll be having a chat with the head of sixth form next year when we know for sure that we are going to wait to see what they advise... it might be that we have to pay for AS Level exams. It would be great if this doesn't happen and she auditions next year, but if a year makes a difference between acceptance at a good school and not then we'll just have to make the best of it I guess.
  20. Hello I was advised last week to wait a year before my daughter auditions. She's Y10 right now, and her teacher has suggested she has an extra year of training and auditions in Y12 not 11 as her body just isn't strong enough and she thinks the extra year to mature will give her the strength she needs to get into the schools she wants to study at. I was taken aback at first as the message has been clear that for classical ballet you must go away at 16, but her teacher is very well respected and I trust her implicitly so, unless my daughter's strength improves faster than expected we will wait. Educationally this means she can concentrate on her GCSEs and do AS levels, plus she'll be a little more mature when she leaves home and get another year of top training and preparation. So, if things don't work out for you this year, there is always next, when you've had a chance to grow. It's not impossible. Congratulations on KS Dance and I hope there are more yesses in your future.
  21. Hi. My daughter also started ballet fairly late - she was nearly 9, and went into a Primary/G1 combined class where she was, to her horror, the oldest. She stayed there for around a year until she skipped the primary exam to do her G1 and moved into G2. But within two years she caught up with the girls her age, and then overtook them and at 15 is in a CAT scheme and hoping to audition for vocational training next year. My advice would be to show your daughter what this basic training can lead to - mine only did ballet because she was growing so fast and losing all coordination, but as soon as she saw girls en pointe she was determined to get to that level and it really spurred her on. As others have said make sure the teachers have the right qualifications, that the older pupils seem happy and are given opportunities like exams, shows, comps and associates if they want it and if not then maybe look around for somewhere else, we ended up moving for non ballet classes and my only regret was not doing it sooner!
  22. Sorry, only just seen this! She's 14 otherwise that would have been lovely. She decided against in the end which I think is a real shame, but I believe she's been helping other people out with theirs and cracking on with some GCSE homework as well which is less fun but sadly necessary!
  23. Thank you, that would be great. Is your daughter doing NYB by any chance?
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