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    EYB dates

    I emailed EYB and they have said they are doing Richmond theatre in 2020. They didn’t say when exactly but to keep an eye on the website. The audition dates on the website only go up to end of 2019 at the moment
  2. Hello, my dd got a no and a waiting list for the tour too. Until I read this I just assumed everyone got on the waiting list. Ive emailed LCB as the letter never arrived through the post just the email which is fine but wanted to ask about the wait list and thought I would pass on what they said. They said last year 12 were on the wait list and 2 from the wait list got places on the tour. Very interesting. Not sure if the same this year but our dd's should be proud xx
  3. Congrats to all those who got a yes! My dd got a no and an offer to be on the wait list for the tour. She’s ok and we are presuming a place won’t come up, so are moving on. Xx
  4. Yes, my dd got an invite to the final too and we assumed the same. We were happy enough with a recall!!! So exciting....
  5. Sorry to hear about your envelope. Pleased to hear there is another batch being sent out as we haven’t received ours yet x
  6. We haven’t received our dvd yet! Anyone still waiting? Xx
  7. Yes you are right. Hope they don't change it!! Not sure what I was confused about in the first place actually...
  8. I think they may change it this year. Last year they are a lot fewer people in certain age groups auditioning so they may group some age groups together to lessen or shorten the auditioning days. I emailed them to ask as I have 2 children auditioning 2 years apart and would love to only go once not 2 weeks running!!! 😂 Obviously if I have to then of course its fine 🤣
  9. It was an amazing show!! We watched the final performance, lots of talented children all enjoying themselves. My dd has the best time and wants to do it all over again!
  10. My dd and a couple of her friends are doing it too. First time!! Exciting!!
  11. That must be hard Mak 😞 Good luck for your dd on 19th and hope dd2 isn’t too disappointed xx
  12. Good luck Flora11 to your dd hope she gets in x thank you Jan! I have 2 girls dancing and it’s all new to me so will be on here for advice I think!! Xx
  13. I didn’t realise they split the auditions in age within the age! So she will have been with children close to her age then. And I hadn’t even twigged that some children might not even be 11 just yet!! I suppose there will always be disadvantages with ages in everything... she will def want to go for it again next year. Thank you for your wise words people!! Good luck to all your children xxx
  14. My dd auditioned last week and disappointingly didn’t get recalled. She really enjoyed the experience and says she wants to try again next year. She was in the age 11 category but was literally only 11 for 3 weeks! Feeling a bit sad for her as she was so excited but I’m not sure I would want her auditioning again if she is always the youngest in the category?! What do others think?
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