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  1. No Pointe as there’s no point 🤣 there’s no extra marks for pointe work & only the chance to lose them for poor work. we both got Distinctions in the class exam & merits in the variation, I threw my fan at the examiner 🤣 never dropped it on a year of class then 1 min into the piece whoosh off it went! 🤣
  2. I sat RAD Discovering Rep Level 2 Class & Variation 1 units (2 separate exams) on the 2nd June we got the results on the 26th June (3 & a bit weeks) so I guess that's about the length of the current turn around, fingers crossed they come swiftly & are what you want ❤️
  3. Thanks for the updates everyone, I had a bit of an idea today & I hope this is ok to share, I've added the intensives to a shared calendar & embedded it on my blog to make it rather easy to find retreats throughout the year, I'll keep it up to date as I find out about more dates throughout the year. it's now also the home of the adult ballet map so if you know of someone looking for adult ballet classes near them feel free to share the link. https://sophiedancer.co.uk/adult-ballet-uk/
  4. Sorry I missed your post here, there's a Midnight Blue, it's one of my favourite colours but I'd say it was closer to Navy than Royal but with a purple hue it's kind of its own thing! I've attached a pic of 2 midnight blue with a freed navy for comparison, I'd say they were a little darker than appears in the picture but should give you a good guide.
  5. The So Danca E-10945 is a great addition to any dance wardrobe, I have several in different colours & two in black after the elastic became a little frayed on a 2 year old leo, if you like lacey with sleeves there are 2 new ones I've got that you may like RDE-1913 & RDE-1910 they're from the Sara Mearns special additions so may be harder to find but they do make them!
  6. Normally within a few days, you can give Hannah a poke at hannah@theballetretreat.com if it has been longer. Thanks for all the posts everyone, I was going to update the OP but didn't realise I can't edit my own posts but at least we're creating a great directory.
  7. Another vote here for So Danca, I always recommend them to my adult dance friends who are no longer a size 8! I got 15 from the last catalogue (I know that sounds bad but nice fashion leo's rarely come along in my size & I dance 5 days a week) they're everything from fancy lace affairs through to simple leo's suitable for exams.
  8. Oops! that's what I get for copy pasting from a Facebook post like a lazy person 😉 regarding The Ballet Retreat, August tends to be very popular, they used to sell out within a few weeks but as they do a lot of year it's tended to fall back to 2-4 weeks before the event they book up. there are a lot of regulars on the TBR weekend, for the first few years I wen't to them all but last year I scaled back to just the Leeds ones, if you do come let me know & I'll say hello.
  9. Hope everyone is doing great, I started to put a list together of the adult classes over summer as our regular schools often take a break so thought I'd share it here, please feel free to make me aware of anymore. The Ballet Retreat 9th June (Corps de Ballet single day) https://www.theballetretreat.com/ Aspire Ballet London 14th-20th July Summer School https://www.aspireballet.org/summer-2019 Royal Academy of Dance 15th-19th July Adult Classes https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/…/adult-summer-course-…/ Yorkshire Ballet Seminars 20th July https://www.ybss.co.uk/…/adult-ballet-class-rep-masterclass… Yorkshire Ballet Seminars 27th July https://www.ybss.co.uk/…/adult-ballet-class-rep-masterclass… Chelsea Ballet 5th-10th August Adult Summer School http://www.chelsea-ballet.com/summerschool/ The Ballet Retreat 24th-26th August (Classical Rep) https://www.theballetretreat.com/
  10. I've added it but can't find much info on his facebook page about which classes are for adults & when, if you know can you tell me & I'll update the entry. Not sure why it's not working for you it's just a google map with an overlay.
  11. I created a google map with all the adult ballet classes I could find which people contributed to which makes finding classes in a new area super easy, I'm sure there are loads that are missing, I'd be happy to add other administrators to it. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1LQe92qPsOF3qHObTMypt_r-j6qE&usp=sharing
  12. It really was! yes it's a 3 day competition topped off with a Gala, in the morning of the gala there's lots of talks on a diverse range of subjects like a dance highlighting the missing & murdered native american women & human trafficking pandemic in north america to diversity in dance then there's a gala made up of guest artists (I think that was technically me but feels weird to be referred to as an artist!) & the best of the competition dancers, there were dancers from Italy, Romania, Israel, USA, Brazil, Portugal, China, Korea & that's just the ones I can remember, I was the only Brit there sadly but it meant I got to carry the union jack onto stage at the end which was cool 😀 I've said they need an adult ex pro & amateur category for next year 😉
  13. Just to share with you all i was invited to dance in the USA at the Ballet Beyond Borders competition, as a late 30's adult it was something of a special opportunity but I still took a little convincing. We landed at 23:58 on Thursday & got to the hotel at 01:30 ish, at about 04:30 I was awake (curse you jetlag!) & at 10am I was ferried to the studio to begin to learn the 10 minute dance the choreographer had been working on since May last year, the next 4 days were spent dancing 3-4 hours a day with about an hour & a half dedicated to learning the dance, luckily I was able to pick it up quite quickly, Monday was a rest day then Tuesday was stage walk through, we had a full grand concert piano on stage we had to check our positioning with. Wed-Fri the competitions started so I made the most of the classes, it was rather amazing to be in class with professional dancers from Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet & Ballet BC to name a few, I was a bit intimidated going into the senior / professional class even more so when Charla Genn (who I'd taken class with in the previous week) told me I wouldn't be able to do all that was coming but to just sit out what I couldn't & listen / learn when I sat, it was good advice, I did well at the barre but about 3 or 4 movements into the centre things started to get very advanced so I swallowed my pride & sat out rather than trying to force it & ending up injured. There's so much I could ramble on about but I'll save you the details, At the gala when we were getting ready there was none of the emotion I felt the first time I performed on stage I was just super focused on doing the best I could & not screwing up, the dance went well & we got an amazing applause which was so very kind, I was awkwardly waiting for the curtain to close but got waved up from the wings to take a second bow. It took a long time to process all the emotions, we flew back the day after the performance which wasn't the cleverest idea but once home there were plenty of tears & I have so many amazing memories I'll treasure. I may be invited to another in LA later in the year where I intend to dance Gamzatti & this dance again.
  14. Fabulous results huge congratulations, I hope you're very very proud ❤️
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