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  1. I'll be having a pianist for my G7 next year as I'll need the character slowing down ever so slightly, I do love the extra feeling / performance I get from dancing with a pianist but that comes at the price of adapting to the music when they get carried away, that said there is a certain reliability from a CD, I guess I've just said it'll be down to your personal preference 😉 for my its a pianist all the way.
  2. Thank you The_Red_Shoes, I've been here lurking, I've had an amazing year but always feels a bit self indulgent to post about my travels, I was back in the USA in August, LA to be precise dancing again which was another amazing experience, I've been invited to dance in Cuba / China / Russia in the future but they're all 3 places that I'd be nervous to travel to, when I go back ti Missoula I'll be working with Charlene the choreographer on the next instalment as she want's it to be a trilogy but this time I'll get a lot more input so it should be rather emotional & I really want to push myself physically too. I hope everything went well with your eye surgery & wish you a speedy recovery x
  3. I'm getting closer to my G7 exam now too after 2 years or doing it in my weekly private lessons & in Jan I joined the G7 class of youngsters, we've only recently started doing the character & also feel it will kill me! I've kicked my shins & stood on my own feet in the heel'd character shoes which hurt like hell I've also got the Royal Danish performance on DVD for some inspiration but I think we've become a bit spoilt in recent times as the physical abilities of dancers seem's to be getting pushed higher all the time. Personally after starting at Inter Foundation level I'm loving G7 for giving my dancing so much more quality, IF was a great technical base & G7 is the icing on the cake of the performance / arms, I'm doing the classical dance but I've learned both as I think the majority of the other girls are doing the free movement dance. We were looking at exams in early Feb but I'm away in Jan performing in America, we've got our show at the end of Feb, I'm also learning Discovering Repertoire Level 2 Variation 2 & Level 3 Class & Variation 1 as well as getting married in March so realistically I think it'll be mid next year before I take the G7 exam. Talking of exams I think I neglected to post that back in June I took Discovering Repertoire Level 2 Class & Variation 1 exams & got a Distinction & a Merit, can't say I'm a huge fan of DR but at least I've got a couple more certificates 😉
  4. I do hope all is ok with the family ❤️ TBR August is on a waiting list at the moment but it's worth joining as a quite a few times people pull out a week or two ahead, they've also recenrly added October 5th-6th at Sadlers Wells & 24th Nov at Yorkshire Dance.
  5. No Pointe as there’s no point 🤣 there’s no extra marks for pointe work & only the chance to lose them for poor work. we both got Distinctions in the class exam & merits in the variation, I threw my fan at the examiner 🤣 never dropped it on a year of class then 1 min into the piece whoosh off it went! 🤣
  6. I sat RAD Discovering Rep Level 2 Class & Variation 1 units (2 separate exams) on the 2nd June we got the results on the 26th June (3 & a bit weeks) so I guess that's about the length of the current turn around, fingers crossed they come swiftly & are what you want ❤️
  7. Thanks for the updates everyone, I had a bit of an idea today & I hope this is ok to share, I've added the intensives to a shared calendar & embedded it on my blog to make it rather easy to find retreats throughout the year, I'll keep it up to date as I find out about more dates throughout the year. it's now also the home of the adult ballet map so if you know of someone looking for adult ballet classes near them feel free to share the link. https://sophiedancer.co.uk/adult-ballet-uk/
  8. Sorry I missed your post here, there's a Midnight Blue, it's one of my favourite colours but I'd say it was closer to Navy than Royal but with a purple hue it's kind of its own thing! I've attached a pic of 2 midnight blue with a freed navy for comparison, I'd say they were a little darker than appears in the picture but should give you a good guide.
  9. The So Danca E-10945 is a great addition to any dance wardrobe, I have several in different colours & two in black after the elastic became a little frayed on a 2 year old leo, if you like lacey with sleeves there are 2 new ones I've got that you may like RDE-1913 & RDE-1910 they're from the Sara Mearns special additions so may be harder to find but they do make them!
  10. Normally within a few days, you can give Hannah a poke at hannah@theballetretreat.com if it has been longer. Thanks for all the posts everyone, I was going to update the OP but didn't realise I can't edit my own posts but at least we're creating a great directory.
  11. Another vote here for So Danca, I always recommend them to my adult dance friends who are no longer a size 8! I got 15 from the last catalogue (I know that sounds bad but nice fashion leo's rarely come along in my size & I dance 5 days a week) they're everything from fancy lace affairs through to simple leo's suitable for exams.
  12. Oops! that's what I get for copy pasting from a Facebook post like a lazy person 😉 regarding The Ballet Retreat, August tends to be very popular, they used to sell out within a few weeks but as they do a lot of year it's tended to fall back to 2-4 weeks before the event they book up. there are a lot of regulars on the TBR weekend, for the first few years I wen't to them all but last year I scaled back to just the Leeds ones, if you do come let me know & I'll say hello.
  13. Hope everyone is doing great, I started to put a list together of the adult classes over summer as our regular schools often take a break so thought I'd share it here, please feel free to make me aware of anymore. The Ballet Retreat 9th June (Corps de Ballet single day) https://www.theballetretreat.com/ Aspire Ballet London 14th-20th July Summer School https://www.aspireballet.org/summer-2019 Royal Academy of Dance 15th-19th July Adult Classes https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/…/adult-summer-course-…/ Yorkshire Ballet Seminars 20th July https://www.ybss.co.uk/…/adult-ballet-class-rep-masterclass… Yorkshire Ballet Seminars 27th July https://www.ybss.co.uk/…/adult-ballet-class-rep-masterclass… Chelsea Ballet 5th-10th August Adult Summer School http://www.chelsea-ballet.com/summerschool/ The Ballet Retreat 24th-26th August (Classical Rep) https://www.theballetretreat.com/
  14. I've added it but can't find much info on his facebook page about which classes are for adults & when, if you know can you tell me & I'll update the entry. Not sure why it's not working for you it's just a google map with an overlay.
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