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  1. I believe this is somewhat from the USA perspective but is an article on just this subject so there are some pertinent points https://www.pointemagazine.com/diy-ballet-summer-intensive-2638866429.html?utm_source=Pointe+Magazine+Newsletter&utm_campaign=2f73997824-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_06_19_02_51&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_379f4c7666-2f73997824-50764331 hope the link works, I’m no good at that sort of thing havingbsaid that, the advice above is excellent advice which I wholeheartedly agree with
  2. I was just about to say the shame as crystalips, I have done the journey a few times, just as described above, always at the weekend, on at least one occasion on a match day, obviously you’ll need to allow extra time for traffic on a match day but I’ve never had any trouble parking right outside on the street
  3. Ordered on 2nd April, got a confirmation the next day and order arrived on Saturday
  4. no email as yet but have just been on the ucas site and the status has changed
  5. i once bought dd s very ‘proper’ ballet teacher a lovely China tea cup and saucer with some speciality tea and a box of ‘special’ biscuits. It seemed so much more appropriate for her than alcohol
  6. Just checking, anyone had results from RCS yet?
  7. Thank you bad ballerina ( although I suspect that is a very inappropriate name for you 😉) that’s a very helpful and comprehensive reply. Just trying to gather as much of an understanding as possible as it isn’t an institution we are familiar with. ‘dd’ came away from the prelim feeling that it had left a very positive impression on her.
  8. Can I ask about the links with Scottish Ballet - I understand that some classes are taken regularly with the company, is this just for 3rd years or do 1st/2nd years also benefit from close links? Also, what other competition/ performance opportunities are on offer and likewise are these mainly for 3rd years or available to all year groups?
  9. No problem, wish I’d thought to wipe it down before I took a photo though, 😂 (though, in my defence, the boiler is in the garage) good luck and I hope you soon all toasty warm
  10. Hoglett, this May be of no help whatsoever, if so, I apologise, but I had a similar issue a few days ago. I defrosted the condenser pipe, went back in and pressed the reset button ( or at least what I believed to be the reset button) - nothing! Went through the process again, then spent several minutes scratching my head staring at the boile, same error message teasing me. I then remembered from the dark recesses of my mind that as well as the more obvious reset button on the front of the boiler, there is also a tiny little pin-hole button, the kind you have to poke the sharp end of a pencil ( or similar ) in. It isn’t labelled or indicated at all, it’s on the front of the boiler underneath the more obvious button. I stuck the end of a pencil in, pressed the reset button again and hoorah....the boiler whirred into action, I nearly cried tears of joy! I’m trying to attach a photo but the file size is too large, will try to sort it
  11. Thanks BlueLou, I don’t sleep well in hotels but that’s not what matters, as long as dd gets a good nights sleep! We are a 50 minute ( roughly) train ride to London but then would need a bus to get to Herbal Hill and even though it doesn’t seem too far, to get there first thing in the morning would mean doing battle with the commuters and I’d be worrying so would want to build in extra ‘ just in case’ allowances so we’d end up being up at the crack of dawn. I think I’ll go for the hotel option.
  12. Travelodge King's Cross is iirc about half a mile from Central. Thanks Nicola, I’ll look it up
  13. Can. Anyone recommend a hotel near Herbal Hill please? Also, before auditions, would you say a night in their own bed at home and an early start for the train or a night in a hotel nearby, risk maybe not sleeping as well but no risk of travel disruption?
  14. Can I ask, if looking outside of the uk, where would you have looked?
  15. Great tip! Just wish I'd read it 20 minutes ago, I've just swapped all my club card points for restaurant vouchers - the railcard would have been better
  16. Re the contemporary tights, we bought black footlesss tights (60 denier) from Primark for £1:50 each. They were in the tights aisle but were all rolled up like a little sausage with a cardboard ( think it was mainly blue) roll around the outside which said footless leggings ( they are most definitely more of a tight than a legging) ideal, I'm told and a fraction of the cost of any dance shop!
  17. Thank you everyone for your replies, and Alison, thank you for the welcome! Yes, you are right, I am asking because of the BRB nutcracker. Armed with your very helpful tips I phoned the box office and asked the lady on the phone, if you were going, where would you want to sit and she recommended the stall, a few rows back. Apparently there will be seating in the arena and I thought she said it would be racked but I may have confused that with the stalls. Anyway, I went with her suggestion for what she said were the best available, so I'm sure it will be lovely, and I'm sure I won't even be focus sing on the amount of money I've spent ( ahemmm, cough, cough ) as I enjoy the production! Thank you for your help
  18. Can anyone offer some help to a complete novice please? I am looking to book seats at the Royal Albert hall but have found the options very confusing. Can anyone explain the differences I the areas, what is the loggia, raising circle grand circle etc. Can anyone recommend where is the best place to sit to watch a ballet? Generally when I go to the theatre I prefer not to be too far forward, don't want to feel like I'm looking up at the dancers feet, but I have no idea what would be considered a good seat/ good view for watching ballet. TIA
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