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  1. I believe Chichester university has a fairly well respected dance department but can’t offer any insight as I don’t have personal experience
  2. A huge thanks from me to all the moderator team, and also thank you to all the regular (and less regular) contributors who have offered a wealth of expertise and advise over the years (11 years for me personally). 😘
  3. That’s exactly what I was wondering, probably wishful thinking but it was on my mind
  4. Quick update- leo arrived yesterday ( 9 days earlier than the predicted date according to the dispatch email). No problems at all and no extra charges. 😀
  5. Thank you for the info! That’s a great help
  6. Thank you for your help I’ll look into that
  7. That’s what I thought originally too, not sure why
  8. Thanks peony but I believe lulli are based in Israel ( is Israel in the eu? - slightly ashamed of my ignorance)
  9. Does anyone have experience of ordering from this brand to the uk? I’m interested in ordering a leotard but am a little worried how long delivery will take and how much I might potentially be charged in import tax. I’d be interested in hearing of people’s experience
  10. Heading off for a hotel stay the night before one of dds final auditions for lower school, I thought it would be nice to buy her a new fleecy onesie - they’d become all the rage and I’d seen a few girls arrive at auditions in them which seemed really sensible as the auditions were in the late winter. I thought it was a nice little treat and would take her mind off her nerves. what I hadn’t allowed for was that it was really, really fluffy! We carefully coiffed her hair, put on her new tights and her favourite leo and off she went in her onesie feeling quite the part. When we arrived a
  11. Plenty of people join vocational school for upper school ( post 16 ) so it is most definitely possible ( and for some maybe even preferable but that’s a whole other thread!). With regard to “how good you need to become” I wonder what experience you have had outside of your local dance school? Summer schools, masterclasses etc can be helpful along the way to give an idea of the kind of standard to expect but I would always encourage a young person to have a go if it’s something you think you might enjoy. You just never know if you don’t try and at worst, you’ll have had a lovely class in a grea
  12. I thoroughly recommend Malvern , although dd was al little older when she first went there
  13. This is my Darcey Bussell rose which I received as a very thoughtful gift from a friend, I love it
  14. Thank you for your reply Alison, it doesn’t feel right to ‘like it’ given the nature of the discussion. I had found the info on blood clots and strokes in my search but not Kawasaki symptoms in children, I’ll do search on that now. To be honest I was asking in regard to a small child so that is very pertinent information, thank you
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