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  1. I’ve never done a single step of ballet, but this morning joined my dd for an online class , I’m not sure she was impressed 😂
  2. We use an inexpensive stair bannister rail attached to the wall with the bannister brackets. Bought at b&q before lockdown. Not sure if you could order online for delivery 🚚
  3. Absolutely! But those “better” “famous” ballet schools trade on their reputation and a large part of that includes the publishing of graduate destinations so I’m surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of help given to students to prepare for the audition season. Are they just hoping that the ‘name’ will do all the work for them? That would be a mistake in my opinion.
  4. I’ve been surprised, maybe I have unrealistic expectations!
  5. I agree it’s important to be realistic about the odds and have that plan B ( & C). Sometimes being realistic can descend into despair So, my comment about optimism was mostly about the fact that it’s possible to at least be invited to auditions without huge support from the school in regards to arranging photos, dvds, solos etc. The next bit is in the lap of the dancing Gods. We have been disappointed by the lack of support for, or interest in, these aspects and this led me to wonder wether our experience was unique to the school ( or cohort within the school) or maybe my expectations around this were unrealistic - hence the original post. I’m feeling better having read about your daughter’s experience, that dd can at least make it work enough to get auditions. The rest will be what it will be! I really do appreciate your reply and insight!
  6. Thank you for your well thought out and topical reply Rowan. Food for thought and a little much- needed optimism ( all be it, tempered by realistic expectations) I really appreciate the insight
  7. I don’t know of any schools insisting pupils attend their summer school. As Jane said, it’s probable that their summer school would already have been filled anyway. I think your pupil should go ahead and enjoy the summer school which they chose ( for very good reasons I’m sure) and enjoy experience before ( hopefully) going on to their upper school, full of joyful memories and maybe some new friends
  8. Thanks bluebird there appears to be a picture emerging
  9. Thanks Pictures, that’s interesting to hear and more like what I would have expected!
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I am beginning to think that my worst fears are being confirmed since no one has given a particularly positive report of plenty of support. I honestly believed that whilst I was under no illusion of it being a level playing field, there would at very least be a good basic level of support for all students in choreographing/ recording a dvd, suggestions about where / when to audition/ help with decent audition photos/ being kept up to date on audiRuin opportunities., Maybe even inviting artistic directors into school to see ALL students (equally... 🤣....Oh how naive... ) . Us non dance world parents have a lot to learn
  11. Thanks for the reply DD driver. That’s a very interesting point about the European schools. I would have thought it was in the best interest of all schools to help as many as possible find employment and not just the one or two who may be lucky (talented) enough to get a spot within the affiliate company. As you say, a school’s reputation depends , in part, on its graduate destinations. Is it a case, I wonder, that they pour so much time and effort ( and attention) on those lucky few that the rest are left to fend for themselves? Or is everyone given equal weight but only those rare exceptionally talented few are destined for company jobs? I should maybe say that I’m well aware that the current climate is extremely difficult and that company jobs are hard to come by, so I understand the frustration of many grads who may be extremely talented and well trained but still not find that elusive contract - just want to know how much assistance and advice they have been given and how much this differs between schools.
  12. Hi I’m looking for personal experiences from recent ( ish ) graduates. I’d love to hear about just how much help your school/college ( I’m talking mainly British vocational training establishments here) actually give you? I’d be interested to hear how much advice was given about where to apply? Was help given in school to make rehearse/ plan/produce audition dvds ( or online equivalent) ? Were company artistic directors invited into school or for a special performance? Were solos choreographed/ rehearsed by staff for auditions? Or were the dancers ( or parents?) left pretty much to sort this sort of stuff out on their own? I’m wondering how experiences differ between different institutions - I don’t want to start a “my school’s better than your school” style debate, just after honest appraisal of the process in different places
  13. It was Matz Skoog I think this should take you to the post herehttps://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/21606-2020-a-new-year-and-new-challenges/?tab=comments#comment-303236
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