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  1. Certainly, two of the families proposed by ENBS did not have rooms for those dates and the third one replied that she was very busy with family matters and she would answer later, a month ago that I am waiting for an answer. I've worked a lot, making phone calls and emails during this time. Residences has been complicated too because most of them doesn't accommodate students under 18 and the two that they do it they aren't sure they can accommodate your daughter in a share room with girls of around her age, and they told me the room mates could be changing because they are open to the turis
  2. Thanks a lot for your answer. I'was been looking for residences but it was very dificult to find one for under 18 girls, the two I found didn't assure that she could share a room with girls of her age, and it woul be a risk, she could be changing the room mates during the two weeks because residence are open to the turists also. I also found families trough host families companies but finally my DD will be accommodated by a friend of us, so we are happy.
  3. I’m looking for accommodation for my daughter who is 16, from Barcelona-Spain, for this summer. She has a place in Dance Summer Course A, in English National Ballet School (Hortensia Road in Fulham) and needs a room (shared or not) from 16/07 to 29/07. Anybody knows if there are any Host Family close to ENBS, Student Residence or any possibility of accommodation for her? Is there any ENBS dance student from Spain or other countries who wants to share room. She can understand and speak english very well, so she can share room and move by her own. Thank you in advance. Esther.
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