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  1. I don't think 10 is too late if she's determined, has the right physique and a fabulous teacher. My daughter started taking it seriously at the age of 12, having done one class a week for 3 years prior to that. She gained a place at vocational ballet school at 14. Good luck to your daughter!
  2. Danceworks Ballet Academy in London is fantastic, as is Masters of Ballet, also London.
  3. I meant to add, it's good to get more of an idea of the academic side of various schools, too. I'm very hazy on the different courses, where they lead and how it affects funding etc. Her current school offers an A level, (or possibly two?) which is great, but I was surprised so few do. Also, the graduate destinations of most schools is a little terrifying. She has a few healthy plan Bs which is a bit of a comfort at the moment. It's enough to keep you wide awake all night though....
  4. Thank you so much fabulous people. Your advice is breaking down my wall of fear about this stage! The spreadsheet is also a golden nugget of a plan, thank you. Its hard with her being away (and me too - I also work in the arts and its not a good mix!) to plan dvds and photos, but if she knows deadlines, it helps. She is definitely after a classical ballet training and we definitely need funding! The best outcome would be for her to stay where she is, but there are no guarantees... Yes, the funding issue for Europe is completely up in the air at the moment so I'm very nervous about wasting time and money on those auditions. (and I've no idea how I'd get her over there or if she'd be allowed time off school?!) However, she's very keen on applying to a few. One seems to be. Dvd only, which helps! Her teenage stubborn mind is fixed on just a few schools in the UK, and I'd love her to broaden her mind and consider other options in case those few don't work out. I'm just not particularly knowledgeable on others she could apply for. I've not heard of KS dance, for instance and I don't know enough about Ballet West... it's funny how a new stage can take you right back to the not-knowing-anything-Help! Feeling of a few years ago. Thanks again for all the help. Xx
  5. Hello everyone. We've reached the stage, rather too quickly, of applying to upper schools for eldest dd. I'd love to have some advice on how many schools is sensible to apply for, how to choose which ones and any information and knowledge of German and the Dutch schools people know/have experience of. Organising dvds/photos and managing audition dates is ever so slightly overwhelming! Any info, small or big is very welcome. Thank you!
  6. Would love 2 or 3 tickets for this show if anyone has anything going. Thanks
  7. Hi, Dutch National just go on photos. My daughter got a place over the summer but unfortunately couldn't attend due to and injury.
  8. https://danceworks.com/london/danceworks-ballet-academy/
  9. Danceworks Ballet Academy is a vocational, after school programme in London run by American trained Kim White. Fantastic faculty. Good luck!
  10. We would love 2 or 3 tickets for the performance on the 11th June
  11. Hi, does anyone have a ticket for this evening's performance?
  12. Hi, we had a response within around 2 weeks. I think we'll leave it for this year, having heard a few things suggesting it might be more suitable and beneficial for slightly older students.
  13. Hi, I wondered if anyone has any experience of the Dutch National summer school? My DD has been offered a place but it's eye-wateringly expensive as accommodation is extra on top. Is it worth saving for though? Frustratingly, we have to commit before we find out about other schools so not sure what to do.
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