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  1. We would love 2 or 3 tickets for the performance on the 11th June
  2. Hi, does anyone have a ticket for this evening's performance?
  3. Congratulations from us 😊♥️
  4. Hi, we had a response within around 2 weeks. I think we'll leave it for this year, having heard a few things suggesting it might be more suitable and beneficial for slightly older students.
  5. Hi, I wondered if anyone has any experience of the Dutch National summer school? My DD has been offered a place but it's eye-wateringly expensive as accommodation is extra on top. Is it worth saving for though? Frustratingly, we have to commit before we find out about other schools so not sure what to do.
  6. Hi, Look at Masters of Ballet, run by Vaganova trained Olga Semenova. It's based in West London. Good luck!
  7. My vocational dd is similar standard and age and loves Ian Knowles' elementary class and Emma Northmore's advanced/general, both at Pineapple. You get lots of vocational children at both of those classes in the holidays.
  8. Dancing boutique is excellent and the ladies there are very experienced with pointe shoe fitting etc.. They supply a few vocational schools with their uniform, too. If they don't have what you want, they will order it in. (with the exception of Freeds!)
  9. There's Master Dance Programme at Ibstock school in West London, on a Saturday. Fairly new and run by Mary Goodhew, ex ballet principal of White Lodge and Elmhurst.. Some other super teachers there too. Woodside Retreat also fantastic.
  10. Some great replies to Dancer123's post. I think if your dd doesn't feel ready for vocational school and you have a super local teacher (I think I know who will be doing the 10 hours a week, and if I'm right, you'll be in safe hands!) she'll be better off being where she wants to be for now. My dd only started taking dancing seriously in year 7 and was then at a local grammar school. Because she had a bit of a journey and her ballet hours gradually increased, she moved to our local comp' in year 8 and they have been absolutely brilliant at supporting her dancing, letting her off nearly a whole day a week and leaving early two other days. She has just been accepted into vocational school for year 10 and has decided it's the right time to go. Her work-load at school has increased considerably in year 9, so is struggling with all the travel to and from dance and the homework on top. One other thing she has always found hard, especially over the last year, was having little or no time to see friends outside school, as weekends are so full-on. I'm hoping this will be better next year! We're slightly anxious about leaving her fabulous teachers, but as someone said to her recently, she needs to find her own way now and see how she copes in a vocational school environment! It's so hard to know what the right and best path is, (especially in such a precarious world as dance) but trust your instincts and time will tell. Good luck!
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