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  1. @BusyDancemum ah that’s great, congratulations x
  2. Well done to your DD and her friend! Was this for CAT or associates? x
  3. Was anyone at the Open Day today? I was there - thought it was fabulous! Brilliant teaching. Sparkly x
  4. My DD goes to Renaissance and loves it, she’s 13 and in her second year. Like Pixiewoo said there seems to be lots of older ones who attend including a few I recognise from local dance championships and festivals as being very talented dancers. My DD has really benefited from the body conditioning especially - they are worked quite hard but her stamina and strength have really improved and her leaps and jumps are very powerful now. I would definitely recommend it. It works out roughly at £200 per term. Sparkly x
  5. My DD is also 13 and has developed quite suddenly. I do worry about her diet as she eats a lot of sweets that her friends at school seem to have an endless supply of (she doesn’t have the money on her to buy them herself). She’s very athletic but I can see she will need guidance on making healthy choices. Its a difficult conversation to have as it’s a very sensitive subject but very relevant nonetheless.
  6. Well done to your DD @Ballet2008 Thought we’d have heard about associates by now. My little DD must ask me about 20 times a day if I’ve got an email yet! x
  7. I’ve just heard that a friends daughter has got into the CAT scheme. She’s currently year 6 and already an associate. Hopefully we’ll hear tomorrow!
  8. @Tinks @HowMuch! Good luck to your little dancers. My DD was in the 9.30 audition, she loved it and said she thought it had gone well - although that’s not an indication of anything! Let the constant email checking commence. Hope all our DCs get in x
  9. @SJBallet yes my youngest daughter turns 9 in a few months so is currently in year 4 x
  10. It’s ok Tinks but thank you and very well done to your DD! x
  11. Ah, no recall for my older DD, not a surprise! Good luck to all x
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