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  1. Can I ask a question that I hope isn’t controversial?? How can Judges adjudicate over their own pupils? I notice one if the winners attends a school that one of the Judges is Artistic Director of. I’m genuinely interested.
  2. Chantry School in Grantham have contemporary associates once a month.
  3. They do. I know of two girls who did Royal SA’s.
  4. I’ve heard of a funded Tring offer for sixth form
  5. Has anyone heard of any other Upper School places being given out?
  6. As Year 11 at White Lodge now know if they have places at Upper School will some sort of review take place of the training? Do you think the percentage that carry on at RBS is ever looked at by staff and considered?
  7. They have. Do you know how the other British girls got on?
  8. Same but she’s surprisingly fine. They take it better than us!
  9. Gosh, that is a hard weekend. How did she get on?
  10. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this? I noticed it was an’ethical’ competition (not quite sure what that means!) that was endorsed by Royal Ballet School and is happening now so wondered if anyone had DC taking part?
  11. Slightly off topic but in the ‘claiming to have trained at RBS’ vein..Cheryl Cole has made the claim on The Greatest Dancer TV show when she actually attended Summer School twice!
  12. Have added Tring to our 6th list after hearing good things 😀
  13. Thank you for this Goldenlily17. I think it’s very valuable and important. Can the survey be completed be individuals?
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