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  1. Not sure what Thatcher has to do with Jazz Calendar (suspect Typo!!!), but yes, this ballet's demise at Covent Garden really began in the 1980s. I think I am right saying that the only part of the ballet performed in that decade was Friday's Child, shown at a gala (Sibley and Bujones? Anyone remember?) And yes, it seems true that ballet can't be seen to be fun at the moment. The 'relevant' funding criteria looms like a gathering storm cloud. Woe betide the poor AD whose choices stray outside the perceived boundaries of beloved relevance! Kevin O'Hare danced Friday's Child when BRB were newly installed in Birmingham in 1990 and the ballet made it to Covent Garden for 2 or 3 performances. That was 30 years and too long ago. I think it's a wonderful piece, not in the same league as Ashton's masterpieces, but a less than masterpiece from Ashton is still more than worth it. I would like to see the RB revive the whole ballet, but failing that, I think the Tuesday and Friday sections would work well in a divertissement/gala format of which we have seen so many recently and would provide real interest and novelty. I would also like to see many of the comic ballets mentioned by posters above. I have a sad feeling that we write these pleas in vain.
  2. I hope we don't have to wait too long for Trevitt Junior to return from The Australian Ballet. He looked stunning in the extract from Swan Lake posted recently.
  3. I got wise after Chroma. First time around, just like, OMG! Second time around, just like, OMG, did I really fall for that? Very nice lighting both times.
  4. Rina - love your post, but how come Michael taken over from Kev? Explain please!!!
  5. I thought Khan Giselle was very slick. And pretty awful.
  6. I also love the performances of past casts. As you say, they made it look effortless and also understood it so well. In defence of the dancers at the Masterclass, they had never danced together before. I will get around to watching the stream soon.
  7. But don't you just love a Ken doll?!!!!! Maybe Nela will appreciate?!!! Keep the wigs in Beauty!!!
  8. Interesting, lovely article. It brought to mind former SWRB/BRB dancers, Chenca Williams and June Highwood. I think Williams worked at her mother's bridal boutique after retining from dancing and I believe Highwood used to knit sweaters.
  9. And there's also this below, which makes comparisons between technique past and present. I assume this presentation on YouTube is a condensed version of the research as the de Valois syllabus must have had many more exercises than those shown - at least it gives us a good idea.
  10. Fabulous! Thanks so much for this information that Capriol Suite is available to see online. I wouldn't have known otherwise...
  11. Agree with your point about Rambert. Not sure that ENB would be interested, but it would certainly be another feather in Tamara's cap.
  12. I enjoyed your post Rina, but felt a little envious when I read that you had seen Capriol Suite! I doubt I will ever get the opportunity.
  13. During his time as director of the Royal Ballet, Kevin O'Hare has revived a couple of Ashton ballets rarely performed by the RB (unfortunately, too many Ashton ballets fall into the 'rarely performed' category,) but it looks like the variety of Ashton ballets under his leadership so far has decreased. There was the tempting prospect of Valses Nobles et Sentimentales at the Linbury, but that disappeared with the event of Covid. Who knows if it will resurface and who knows, indeed, what else was planned? Ondine, Cinderella, Wedding Bouquet, Daphnis and Chloe, Les Rendezvous, Birthday Offering: all of these were last danced during Monica Mason's tenure. Facade and Illuminations made brief appearances midway through Anthony Dowell's directorship, not since. There's pressure on repertoire space, that's understandable. That it's got to the point where just a handful of Ashton's works are only occasionally revived makes many of us evidently extremely disappointed. Would 'cultural vandalism' be too strong a phrase for the disappearance of his ballets from the active rep? His works are still relevant. I don't expect things are going to change significantly to please those of us who want to see more Ashton ballets per season, whoever's in charge, (not to mention the other works we miss from the Diaghilev rep, De Valois, Tudor and MacMillan one-acters.) On the plus side, many recent revivals of Ashton's ballets have often been satisfying in terms of being well danced or cast, if not to Sibley/Dowell/Fonteyn et al perfection, then the next best thing. Dowell's less than total enthusiasm for programming Ashton's work seemed a self-conscious shunning of his youth, not wanting to be seen as old-fashioned. Mason had a natural allegiance to the MacMillan repertoire. Was O'Hare's leadershIp bid sealed in part through the support of MacGregor and Wheeldon? He is certainly managing a very delicate balancing act, but at least he knows and understands the history of the company, and I hold out hope that he may yet offer us the odd revival of something very unusual such as Foyer de Danse, Apparitions, Dante Sonata, La Chatte, Walk to the Paradise Garden or Lament of the Waves.
  14. I'm shaking with laughter!!!!! Any idea what other refreshments will be available on her trolley?
  15. Can anyone enlighten me - who or what is the 'Woman with Water'?
  16. Along with the wish, shared by many here, that James Hay had more principal roles, the absence of Morera as Juliet was my other major disappointment. I hope Morera gets Natalia Petrovna at the end of the season (cast with a shorter Vera!)
  17. I would hazard a guess it's because if they do a matinee and evening show, they will need to have a longer gap (especially if the evening is opera) to allow more time in between for some lingering Covid precautions (cleaning/airing) . Maybe I am completely wrong!
  18. Could directors be talking like this now because the Arts Council has (if I remember rightly) changed the criteria of funding from 'excellence' to 'relevance?'
  19. Very sad. As you say Odyssey, her performance and the film of Don Q are a must see. So much character and vitality in her Kitri, a great match for Nureyev and such beautiful line in the Dryads scene. Lovely post of her in La Sylphide too from Jane.
  20. Oh apologies for posting the YouTube link. I was getting carried away making a point! Thank you Mods for deleting the video and not the whole post. Glad to hear that you, BangorBalletBoy, find the old production transformation scene more satisfying than the most recent incarnation. I do hope the stars regain their beautiful blue tutus. I would be happy if the RB danced Cinderella in David Walker's designs again.
  21. I have always really enjoyed her performances and will miss her presence on stage.
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