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  1. At least they are showing Dante Sonata at the Linbury this season. Doesn't look so good for next season.
  2. So sorry to hear of this experience. Plastic cups should be banned in the auditorium. Funny that they should be allowed at all in this day and age when we profess to care so much about our environment. Obviously don't care to much about lakes!
  3. Will I be able to hear the projector if I stay at home?
  4. Vergie Derman Wendy Ellis (definitely double ronds de jambe - I didn’t see that clearly from either dancer I saw this run) Alfreda Thorogood (love the way she uses her head - I suppose its the angle and timing. Lovely shimmering pointe work). Lesley Collier (so bright and musical) Laura Connor (such beautiful arms and warm femininity) - Nijinska's choreography.
  5. Without wishing to spark any form of debate, do you think this is ultimately why the whole project failed for us? (Balletscoers - I mean this completely tongue in cheek of course)
  6. No Tristan Dyer in Monotones 1? Come to think of it, I don't think I have seen him all season, nor one or two other male soloists - Yudes and Montano. Happy to see Rovero up there. Sad not to see Arestis in Monotones 2.
  7. I remember seeing a triple at the Dominion ('89 or' 90?) of Anastasia/Land/Etudes. Echoing (which I wish they would revive), may have replaced Land in the same line up in the same week?
  8. For the title alone (maybe a touch anti pc), Switch Bitch.
  9. The Three Cornered Hat wasn't presented in its original choreography in this programme
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