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  1. I'm shaking with laughter!!!!! Any idea what other refreshments will be available on her trolley?
  2. Can anyone enlighten me - who or what is the 'Woman with Water'?
  3. Along with the wish, shared by many here, that James Hay had more principal roles, the absence of Morera as Juliet was my other major disappointment. I hope Morera gets Natalia Petrovna at the end of the season (cast with a shorter Vera!)
  4. I would hazard a guess it's because if they do a matinee and evening show, they will need to have a longer gap (especially if the evening is opera) to allow more time in between for some lingering Covid precautions (cleaning/airing) . Maybe I am completely wrong!
  5. Could directors be talking like this now because the Arts Council has (if I remember rightly) changed the criteria of funding from 'excellence' to 'relevance?'
  6. Very sad. As you say Odyssey, her performance and the film of Don Q are a must see. So much character and vitality in her Kitri, a great match for Nureyev and such beautiful line in the Dryads scene. Lovely post of her in La Sylphide too from Jane.
  7. Oh apologies for posting the YouTube link. I was getting carried away making a point! Thank you Mods for deleting the video and not the whole post. Glad to hear that you, BangorBalletBoy, find the old production transformation scene more satisfying than the most recent incarnation. I do hope the stars regain their beautiful blue tutus. I would be happy if the RB danced Cinderella in David Walker's designs again.
  8. I have always really enjoyed her performances and will miss her presence on stage.
  9. I can't remember the 2004 production precisely, so I'd like to have a look at this older one instead, which more than satisfies me. Circa 2.00 minutes, Fairy Godmother blesses pumpkin with MAGIC wand and instructs Cinderella to place pumpkin in SPECIAL place. Then, after about two minutes of wonderful dancing, the backdrop lifts up, disappearing to reveal the pumpkin transformed into a coach, transporting a transformed Cinderella off to the ball.
  10. The point is that some things are better left to the audience's imagination. Nowadays, many over-complicated scenic and lighting effects are used all too often, possibly to hide weak choreography. I feel it's fine 'in this day and age' to have the pumpkin thrown into the wings and seconds later to see the coach emerge. I understand from your post that you would disagree.
  11. Whatever disagreements there were in the past between director and rights holder (Wendy Ellis Somes,) if indeed they ever existed, surely, they are resolved by now? If only so much of a season is given over to Ashton rep (and it still mystifies why the allocation is so paltry,) you could argue that at least Cinderella's omission made way for The Two Pigeons, and I was really happy that ballet restored. I wish some of MacMillan's blockbusters were given a little less frequently so that there was room to see both some of his earlier and choral works. Regarding the pumpkin thrown into the wings and turning into a coach, yes I can believe it - just as I don't need to see Giselle changing into her costume and make-up for the second act of Giselle to understand that she is transformed into a spirit. Whatever the redesign for Cinderella, let's hope for something charming, in keeping with the style of the ballet. Nothing Disneyesque or high-tech, just something that complements choreography that speaks so eloquently for itself.
  12. There was a time, maybe back in the 80s and 90s, when Cinderella (the company's more usual seasonal offering,) was alternated with The Nutcracker more or less every other year, although some years both were presented. The problem, for me, with the current production of Nutcracker is, it is like Christmas itself: glossy, eagerly anticipated. bit of a disappointment.
  13. OK. I am going to play Mr. Grumpy here, but am going to say that once Nutcracker has been rested for at least ten years (yes please), then we may just begin to consider it 'overdue.' Cinderella is most certainly overdue.
  14. Glad that made you laugh, Jeanette. I still felt I had to make it up to you after my naughty April Fool! And thank you Buddy. I have never seen Legend of Love, but will make an effort to now.
  15. Not sure that my very occasional forays into humour have always hit the right note, but very happy to have made you laugh, Jan. Thanks for all your work on this forum, especially the links.
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