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  1. The word, 'creatives' really gets on my nerves.
  2. Have Leticia Stock and Fernando Montano returned after their sabbaticals?
  3. Sadly, sales didn't pick up much, probably not helped by the heatwave yesterday. It's a real shame as Hobson's Choice is such a lovely ballet with real heart and soul; and with much comedy and many nods to our balletic heritage. I enjoyed the performances last night particularly of Lachlan Monaghan, Rory McKay and the three leading ladies, Downs, Purkiss and Matthews. It was great to see Marion Tait as Mrs. Hepworth (originally Anita Landa's role) - and what a wonderful Maggie she was all those years ago. But, I do miss the original cast and it was lovely to spot some of them in the theatre. Nice tribute to Bintley at the end.
  4. Possibly it was already mentioned here, so apologies if I am repeating information, but I just wanted to let readers know that there was an interesting article in June's Dancing Times about The Firebird and also in the same issue, an article about its designer, Natalia Goncharova.
  5. Was it just my imagination or, as Beliaev, did Ball wear stripey trousers and Hallberg wear chequered trousers? I always remember the stripey version from previous casts.
  6. I thought Hayward looked very secure in Symphony in C last night. It felt like the whole ballet was taken at a much faster tempo. It made for a really exciting performance, probably the best I have seen (and I have seen this ballet many times). I wondered if the faster tempo suited Hayward better. Firebird was magnificent again. I love the way the ballet unfolds. As Bridiem said, Magri's performance really reached the Amphi, as did Mendizabal's on Saturday. I didn't see the Naghdi cast. I loved Nunez in Symphony in C, but her Natalia didn't move me - some moments (both dance and mime) felt just a little forced and abrupt to me, but there was also plenty to enjoy in her performance. A wonderful programme, a wonderful company and a wonderful end to the season.
  7. I am sad about this. Like many others on this forum, I felt that Kish really came into his own this season and would have been a wonderful asset as a character artist. A shame. Good luck to him.
  8. She was a Solo Artist in 1975, a Principal by 1976. I have no references for 1977. By 1978 her name is no longer listed.
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