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  1. Yes, also wondering about La Sylphide, although not sure how the previous staging was or who it was staged by - maybe Jane could enlighten? Curious to see that Peter Martins gets a chance.
  2. And I think Antony Tudor made a version for Ballet Rambert. In Bintley's version, there were some really beautiful moments (Bryony Brind in Venus springs to mind) iand although it didn't get a brilliant critical reception, in part due to the complicated set breaking down at the premiere, it was, to my mind, far more successful than many new ballets we have seen at Covent Garden since.
  3. Thank you so much for the YouTube link, Katherine. There is also a good article about this exhibition with some lovely photos (including Fonteyn's Aurora costume) in this month's Dancing Times.
  4. Sorry, should have written ' being engaged',
  5. You could view the response of the RB and other companies in so many different ways. Is it right, for example, that a publicly funded company should suddenly be offering free classes online when there are so many teachers out there who will be struggling at the moment? Perhaps we should take this as a moment to sit back, reflect, trawl through our books/dvds/collections /memories and engage ourselves rather than constantly 'be engaged.' I am very happy to patiently wait to see the RB again, when the time is right.
  6. I think they are just about to show a report about this on tonight's BBC 10 O'clock news.
  7. Does this answer your question?!!!
  8. Thanks Sim. I think I was reading it on my phone and couldn't see the semi-colon. Now it makes perfect sense. And I admit, I was probably just rushing to bend it to my own view!
  9. Difficult times.... Just got an email from the ROH. Here's the quote below: Dances at a Gathering It really is the music that makes it in Frederick Ashton's Dances at a Gathering.
  10. May I add Cinderella on the staircase to your list? I think I would avoid going to the bathroom if Ondine is there: I like the ballet, but must remember that social distancing is really necessary in this case - her kiss is fatal. Just move your bookcase: she's not known for negotiating. Does your comment about Wayne MacGregor mean that his choreography kills dancers' bodies and those watching it? That's how I've interpreted your comment, but you've begun the sentence with 'more seriously' so I maybe I have misunderstood. Love your choice of the Mark Morris piece.
  11. My point was that she hasn't been in recent TV documentaries or any panel discussions, that I recall, (thinking of the Durante season at the Barbican for example.)
  12. Ferri left the RB early on in her career, but did go to ABT where MacMillan was Artistic Associate or some such title. Talking of airbrushing, another person who was so often involved, but seems to have disappeared since MacMillan's death, is the notator Monica Parker. If you watch old footage of his rehearsals, she is the one so often by his side.
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