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  1. Hi balletbean, If there was funding for ballet in my own country I would've leapt at the opportunity the moment I received an offer letter. However I have managed to receive a partial scholarship from the college and am hoping for more funding from 2 more potential sources for the next 3 years, but thank you for your insight!
  2. All I can say is good luck! I'm waiting for more funding as well. Stay in touch with the school.
  3. Thank you mnemo. I suspect this might be part of the delay in colleges getting back... guess I will just give them a call in the second week of may if I hear nothing. I've applied for both hnd and degree courses. Hi Lisa, I'm a quiet reader here at the forums and love your posts about your time at Northern and urdang and dancer life in general
  4. Hi everybody, This has been my first time auditioning to vocational dance schools in the UK. From everyone's vast experience here with dd's and ds's, I would like to when or how long do schools take to reply to queries or decisions about help with funding? I understand that they are closed during the months of July and August... during what time period are bursaries/awards/scholarships given out in the months leading up to the course? The wait is seriously killing me. Thank you!
  5. How lucky are you Kate EnB workshop sounds smashing!
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