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  1. Is anyone selling Yumiko leotards please?
  2. Hello, I highly recommend YDA. My child is a student there. This school is small but has an incredibly high standard in teaching academically and in Ballet, Jazz, Singing etc. The school is incredibly caring and nurturing and staff are dedicated to teaching and guiding it's pupils. Unfortunately it does not get funding, but it should. If your child has a talent and passion and you do not have the funds I am sure something could be arranged if they have places available. I would definitely recommend this school. They do audition throughout the year if there are places. The majority of their students go to top ballet schools after year 11 and other top dance colleges. I hope this helps.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good RAD teacher who does private tuition for Intermediate Foundation/Advanced exams please in the Essex area?
  4. I would have thought that once all auditions are over, then places would be awarded?
  5. When did you find out dd got a place? TOday?
  6. YBSS results coming out already after the London audition. I know of definite 'no's' and some full scholarships. I am still waiting to hear. Maybe on a 'possible list' and now have to wait for the York auditions to hear if a yes or no.
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