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  1. I'm not a complete beginner, I have been dancing before now, and I was given the all clear to get my pointe shoes at an old studio but I ended up not getting them because closely after that we had to move and my dance studio was too far away.
  2. Hello, I'm currently in a pointe class and everyone except me has their pointe shoes. Has anyone got any exercises or advice to help me get my pointe shoe faster, I have been doing exercises with a theraband but I just want to know people opinions. I don't mind waiting as I know you have to have patience whilst waiting to hear you are ready for pointe shoes but I just wanted to do this outside of class to increase my changes earlier or quicker Thanks guys!!
  3. Yeah I completely understand, I'm not desperately wanting to go to Rambert I would gladly go to college elsewhere that are possibly closer or more to my needs. It was just a thought was that was the first thing I found when I was researching
  4. Anaballerina thanks for your advice but it's in Scotland unfortunately!
  5. Not really, I was just taking each day as it comes but I've been thinking about it over and over again and I would love to do it. I think for plan b I would try and work behind the scenes but I would love to be dancing or dance for a little bit and then teach
  6. Hi Anna C, I have spoken to Rambert and they say they require a minimum of intermediate RAD so it's still in the running but I don't know if it would be 'a waste' as I couldn't go into a company
  7. Thanks Ellie! In your opinion what's better APL or access course? Yeah I'm definitely going to give Rambert a try but I'm confused on the career prospects after you graduate because I'm more of a ballet dancer than contemporary and I will be 23 by the time I graduate so I won't be able to get into a ballet company so do you think it's worth it?
  8. Thanks for your advice Kat09, yeah I have definitely looked at the RAD degrees but I don't have the A-Levels to support me as I only have AS levels and for Rambert you don't need a-levels. That's the only reason I was put off RAD because I would Have to take an access course or something to apply for it
  9. I'm 19, and completely love ballet, I know I'm way to late to get into a company so I thought about teaching or pre-professional. I love the idea of the degree that Rambert offer as there is no upper age limit however it's 2 and 1/2 hours away from me. When I noticed EBS sixth Form but then I ruled it out due to it being 16-18. I would love to study dance full time. I currently do intermediate RAD and pointe but that's only 2 hours a week as that's all the ballet for my age my school offers. My question is, is there any point putting in the effort and auditioning if I'm going to be 19/20
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