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  1. We just phoned them- finals are not happening- my DD has a place on wait list also for Sept. They’ve skipped finals and looked at video for both stages..
  2. Hello I’ve just sent you a message about buying the boots, if they are still for sale. Thank you
  3. Can I ask what you have please
  4. Does anyone know when the closing date is for Spring intensive London applications. I can’t find it anywhere....,
  5. Hello. Could you send me a picture of the Danskin warm up set please. Thank you
  6. I think we all got the same email.. I was hopeful- especially with the congratulations at the end...
  7. We had the same and I also thought a place had come up for my daughter. They need to think about their wording on these forms.
  8. My daughter is at DSS- she loves it there. Most dance classes are during the school day- timetabled with academic lessons between. The higher up the school you go you can also have additional dance classes straight after the school day but the children never finish late. I have no experience with SA except that a number of children in my daughters second year class have come to dss via S associates.
  9. Wait list for my girl too. Does anyone ever get a place from the wait list? - it seems a lot of us on here have got kids in the list. She’ll be very excited though!
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