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  1. Are all WL summer results out? Anyone is still waiting? We got ours but have a friend who is still waiting !
  2. Thank you! This group was and is an amazing source of support and info... .. I'm very happy I could share it here.... I'm happy but shocked you absolutely right ... more shocked than my DD for sure ... This was really hoped for, but totally unexpected on so many levels ... Can't even imagine dealing with upper school! Thank you for the kind wishes...I share the same for all who got in or not yet ... I do believe our kids future is not predetermined by the panel of year 7 results either way ...
  3. Thank you all for best wishes, and the insights ... very kind.. I hope it is just a beginning for all of the talented young dancers ... Good luck in other auditions... this chat is an amazing support ...
  4. It is a very surprising yes... of course very aware of all the no ... Good luck for the future to all the DC ...
  5. Does anyone know if they sent all the results (yes and no) yesterday at the same time?
  6. Will be so nice just to get results today...
  7. Hope for Fri, worried might be later though...
  8. Who wants to bet when year 7 results come in? On time by Fri or later ? any guesses?
  9. Diva by Merlet ... DD finds them the absolute best Worth taking a look, just make sure they don't sell you the width and size because it is in a stock but make sure it is the absolutely right fit ... it happens with all the brands ... sometimes they fit what is in stock then some other width perhaps would work better but is not in the shop... at least we seen it ...good luck with finding the perfect shoe!!!!
  10. Amazing to get a higher year, any higher year, then even 7 seems impossible !
  11. This is the longest week ever! All I can think about is overanalysing it... no solving this one though...
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