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  1. On 01/06/2019 at 14:42, Pas de Quatre said:


    If I were giving/lending a member of my family money to buy a house, I would want to make sure the survey didn't show any major faults.  Likewise if it were for a car, it would be thoroughly checked.  There seems to be a doublethink about whether the student is an independent adult or a dependent adult.  


    It may be some parents are a problem, but it may also be that some institutions are the problem, and a young person having difficultes may not be strong enough to say this to the very people who are causing the problem.


    This discussion was about under 18s doing dance degree courses and parents being excluded, but I believe there are some real problems with many Degree courses across the board these days.

    I know of several DC who have thrived at 16 on the Dance Degree Courses and several DC who have been terribly let-down by the schools that do A Levels. The schools who offer A Levels do not always communicate as you would expect and often children who are struggling with their A Levels are ‘encouraged’ to drop them to concentrate on their dancing and therefore sadly finish with no qualifications except the Diploma. 


    I’ve been in and around the Vocational roller coaster for 8 years & have seen many highs but also some terrible lows regarding academics, communication and rehabilitation. Some DC sail through and some hit every bump in the road. Degree Courses or A Levels - different environments suits different DC.


    Graduate employment is very important too......... it’s not always easy to see beyond the initial ‘Sparkle’ of Open Days and glossy brochures🙃

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  2. On 27/01/2019 at 08:06, SMabbutt said:

    Does anyone know if OPES is running this year? I haven't able to find anything but I was sure we had applied by now for the previous years.

    OPES no longer exists as a Summer School.


    Olivia Pickford is running a 2 week Summer School in Malvern wk 1 begins 12/08, week week begins 19/08 or you can do both.


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