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  1. Sorry, I should have said for upper school, thanks
  2. Anyone know when Elmhurst letters may arrive?
  3. Hoping those that had to wait over the weekend had good news from Elmhurst today!
  4. Is it really only the yeses that have received their letters for lower school at Elmhurst? Have they all not gone at the same time in the past?
  5. Second class post is normally how they do it.
  6. For those waiting for lower elm results, I heard today they are being sent Tom so should arrive on Monday!
  7. Earlier said than done when you are in the midst of it. Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  8. Felicity i have personal experience of this and everyone sat waiting for physio got mds but like I said things could have changed last couple of years good luck to you all!
  9. From what I know those asked for physio are the ones they are considering for mds awards, however things could have changed.
  10. Just wishing all those with finals coming up in the next couple of weeks lots of good luck, it’s such a tough time! Good luck!
  11. We were told they would get results out very quick, by Wednesday- although we are now Friday and still not heard. I know for some finals clash with another upper school which is a shame. Has anyone been offered a straight place without finals?
  12. Does anyone know how many go through to finals and what the day consists of?
  13. I guess it depends what year group you are going for?
  14. Foreverballet do you know when results will be emailed? Good luck too!
  15. Has anyone heard back from the ENB school audition in London on Feb 2nd please ? Wondering if finals results have been sent out, I believe they were going to be by email.
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