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  1. I’m not seeing R and J this time around- none of the dates of the performances that I really wanted to see worked for me. However, wanted to just add my voice for Muntagirov as Romeo with Sarah Lamb - I was blown away by them both when I saw them three (?) years ago. Thomas Whitehead was Tybalt then and I’m afraid I also thought it was a bit of a one dimensional portrayal. There is nuance in Shakespeare’s presentation of his character and I like to see this nuance portrayed on stage. Slightly off topic but I’m counting the days now until the first of the Giselles that I’ve booked 😊
  2. Thank you Mary Rose. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to make any performances of BRB’s R and J this time around. I enjoyed your review and agree that Hirata and Morales are a very special partnership indeed!
  3. I don’t agree with the first part of your sentence but I definitely agree with the second part! I saw a tantalising glimpse of his Romeo at the Evening of Music and Dance last year (seems like a lifetime ago). He danced with a boyish ardour that was quite breathtaking. Sorry to divert off-topic. I hope all members who are at tonight’s performance have a wonderful evening.
  4. That thought was in the back of my mind too, Dawnstar! That being said, I booked two dates for‘Giselle’ and agree, it was blessedly straightforward.
  5. CCL

    Quick Quiz

    100%! I remembered way more about Spandau Ballet than I realised!
  6. Thank you so much Chris for your report from the frontline! I had so many things I wanted to know about the involvement of the choir and how it felt to be a part of this beautiful production- and you have answered all of my unspoken questions! How lucky you all were to be so intimately involved! And from an audience point of view - the singing was hauntingly beautiful. I only wish that I could have been there on Thursday too. Thanks again!
  7. Sorry Ian, that should indeed have read ‘created by Carlos Acosta and Zenaida Yanowsky’. I got carried away in my enthusiasm and should have double-checked for meaning!
  8. Apart from travel issues, I was so happy to be able to be at the Lowry last night. The duets (with Laura Rodriguez of Acosta Danza) and solos for both Carlos and Laura formed a narrative framework; all touched me in different ways. Carlos’ solo ‘Two’ with choreography by Russell Maliphant was especially thrilling, the clever lighting making his arms look like lightning. Laura’s solo ‘Footnote to Ashton’ was beautifully staged with dozens of candles and gorgeous music by Handel, which complemented the lyrical, poignant choreography by Kim Brandstrup. Most touching of all was the intimate, reflective duet ‘Nosotros’ by Raul Reinoso and the climactic, elegiac O Magnum Mysterium’, (Acosta and Zenaida Yanowsky) complete with the singing of the Halle choir - a real goosebumps ending. It was wonderful to see Carlos dance again and to see this new partnership, an unforgettable evening.
  9. If travelling to the Lowry by Metrolink this week, be aware that the Eccles line is not running and there is a replacement bus route. This sounds a bit grim as there are also roadworks on Trafford Road. I’m going to change at Cornbrook this evening and take the Trafford Centre line, getting off at Imperial War Museum from where it’s an easy walk to the Lowry. Hope this information may be of use.
  10. I’ll be at the Lowry on the 21st! I’m very much looking forward to it
  11. My mum and I had a lovely time at Saturday’s matinee. I love to see a debut and Yu Kurihura was a thoroughly engaging and expressive Cinderella, radiating kindness and compassion in her interaction with the woman in rags by the fire, or love and longing as she looked at her treasured relics of her mother. When the oppressive kitchen scenery melted away, the stars waltzed and the fairy godmother prepared Cinderella for the ball in her coach, I had a lump in my throat for the sheer beauty of it. In the ballroom scene I enjoyed the antics of the stepsisters (Alexandra Burman and Reina Fuchigami, both very amusing). Brandon Lawrence made a dazzling entrance and was the epitome of a handsome and charming Prince. I couldn’t take my eyes off him! His Prince was immediately smitten with Cinderella and their confident pas de deux was ravishing. The final scene as Cinderella and the Prince walked blissfully into the starry night, was gorgeous. Kudos to all for a beautiful performance!
  12. Congratulations to all the winners. I am so pleased for Cesar Morales!
  13. I’m looking forward to seeing Cinderella on Saturday afternoon- my first ballet since Lazuli Sky at Sadlers on October 31st! I’m excited and guessing that I will feel very emotional when the curtain goes up!
  14. Not sure if I’m allowed to post this here, but I find it helps me to look at it regularly- progress seems steady https://covidvax.live/location/eng
  15. Thank you for mentioning this, Janet. I watched this morning and it gave me such a lift at the start of the day - a lovely interview- and the bonus piano playing!
  16. I watched last night - and will try to re-watch while I still can. What a sweet February treat! I very much liked Karla Doorbar’s Clara before Christmas but Laura Day was even more lovely, radiating joy and wonder, especially when dancing with her Prince. What beautiful, natural chemistry she and Tyrone Singleton had - it made me both smile and well up at the same time. I concur absolutely withTwo Pigeons above; Tyrone’s dancing moves me, always. He and Samara Downs danced a radiant grand pdd together- Samara was a dazzling Sugar Plum fairy. Magical, and bringing some much-needed cheer. Poignant too, of course; with all my heart I hope dancers will be able to perform again before too long.
  17. Just to add, if you bought a ticket for the pre-Christmas showing, there is a special offer price when booking for this second cast. I have bought my ticket; I’d like to echo Northstar’s gratitude to BRB.
  18. What a beautiful production, and how clever and imaginative to offer it to the public in this format! I bought the on-demand stream, and watched last night. Despite the lack of audience and applause it still managed to be absolutely magical and it raised my spirits no end. I loved Karla Doorbar’s wide-eyed, eager Clara, and her pdd with Cesar Morales’ nutcracker prince was all kinds of gorgeous. The snowflakes scene was utterly lovely too, especially the radiant Alys Shee. I am a huge fan of the partnership of Cesar and Momoko Hirata, and despite a shortened grand pdd, I was still enraptured. Thank you so much to all at BRB and Birmingham Rep who worked hard to make this happen.
  19. Well, thank you very much for the tip-off- I am now watching on Netflix- the rest of my family are out, so for once I have the television to myself!
  20. I have tickets for the first night of ENB’s Nutcracker, booked in a bit of a frenzy last Friday, forgetting all about the new rules which meant I couldn’t book my usual three seats...I was so relieved to eventually get something vaguely resembling what I wanted that I didn’t think at all about casting. I was surprised and pleased to see the announcement yesterday, and I’m delighted with the first night cast.
  21. I’m from Manchester, and I love both! The football came from my dad, the ballet from my mum. It’s a pity that the MP spoiled a valid point about saving smaller, historic football clubs such as Accrington Stanley by making a silly generalisation.
  22. Rather emotional, having been at last night’s performance. It was lovely to be back at Sadlers Wells, seeing BRB, and I’m so glad that all the planned performances of Lazuli Sky were able to take place. A little sad at implication of the further restrictions announced, but I won’t go any further down that road. I very much enjoyed the whole programme. I thought ‘Our Waltzes’ was gorgeous - joyful, innocent, emotional. I liked it as an opener for that reason - it was as if the dancers were telling us ‘We’re back, and we’re so happy to be back’. Momoko Hirata and Cesar Morales, ebullient and sparkling, stood out for me; I was also drawn to the tenderness of Tyrone Singleton and Samara Downs’ dancing. ‘Liebestod’ was danced by Tzu-Chao Chou, replacing the injured Yasuo Atsuji. This was a punchy, muscular, exciting performance, if very brief. ‘Lazuli Sky’ was a superb climax, full of adrenaline and beauty, tension and power, gorgeously lit and staged. The whole ensemble were excellent but special mention to Tom Rogers and Yu Kurihara. I’d definitely like to see it again, as there was so much to take in. Huge kudos to Carlos Acosta, Will Tuckett and all involved in this very special programme.
  23. Thank you Lynette, the Northern line issue would have caused me real problems if I hadn’t known about it! Travel Plan B now sorted out...
  24. Donated, and sincere thanks to all the moderators for all that you do.
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