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  1. My DD is in yr 9 and PE is compulsory for all years, 7-11, at her secondary school (not academy). She has just started her GCSEs as they run a three year KS4 and she was dreading continuing PE, however luckily for her they give pupils the option of doing GCSE/BTEC dance in core PE time so essentially an extra qualification for these students. She was over the moon as not only did this give her 5 options she now does more dance which she loves!
  2. Authorised absence at both state primary and independent schools for my dds. I didn't know about educated off site before reading on here.
  3. That's what I thought, seems late for auditions when classes start that month! I thought it might be a mistake...?
  4. Duchy Ballet not associates program as such but they do run auditions for productions, based in Cornwall. Not sure you're this far west though? Whereabouts in South?
  5. Well done to your DD princessballerina! Looks like they've changed the date of the Plymouth auditions...now saying 10th September (was 2nd July). Anyone know anything about this??!
  6. Fake tan ? so funny Dancer123! Sounds like American Dance Moms ? I guess the bottom line is that there's roughly a 1 in 10 chance of a place for girls which is tiny so have to keep that in mind. What will be will be!
  7. There are many girls who never get into vocational school at 11+ but then go on to vocational training at 16+ and do very well! Can I ask how much dance your DD is doing per week? And has she got the coveted long-legged proportions that they seem to be after? Wondering myself whether it's worth bothering to go to Elmhurst associates audition if proportions take precedence...
  8. Came home from a busy few work days away to DD2's Totnes result - an unsurprising no! She is absolutely fine and very happy she can carry on with her regular Saturday morning class with friends. I am the one feeling disappointment...knew it would be no as she's all long body/short legs but all the while you're waiting there is always that tiny glimmer of hope...?
  9. Hi TBG, do you have a dc at Totnes JAs? Is that 30 places in total across all years this year or for next year? And do you know how many children currently in each yr group? Thanks ?
  10. Do the results come out all together at the same time or centre by centre in date order?
  11. The New York City Ballet workout dvds - I've had these for years and they're still my favs. Great floor barre exercises!
  12. It says quite clearly "year 9 upwards" on their website...?
  13. Another photos question - are pics with bare feet or with shoes and socks?
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