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  1. Thank you so much to Alison, Viviangrace, Justkeepsmiling and Mummy twinkle toes - I really appreciate your replies - it's a great forum to get information!
  2. I've just re-read what I wrote and I realise that I've asked far too many questions!! But if anyone can give me just a general idea of the school, or point me in the direction of a parent or pupil who could answer any of the above that would be great! I don't know why but it seems quite difficult to get a true feel of the school?
  3. Wondering if anyone could answer a few questions about The English National Ballet School? My dd, who is currently in year 11 at a vocational ballet school, has recently been given an offer for the 3 year course at ENBS. We were delighted at the offer and we're now in the lucky position of deciding between a few 6th form options. These are a few of the questions we have about ENBS....we have read through their website from top to bottom but were still in the dark about a few things... We'll phone the school and ask them too in due course, but it would be wonderful to hear from anyone with first hand experience of the school. What kind of hostel arrangements are there for first year students? Do the students feel safe walking to the school and walking about in the area near the school? Is there a canteen at the school? Do/can students opt to take A levels somehow/somewhere else because the school itself doesn't offer them? Is there any information about the postponed move to London Island where the ENB company is? Is the school still going to move there, and if so when? Are there just 2 studios in the school building? Do students find this restricting in any way? How would current students describe their time there - friendliness, quality of care, quality of teaching, pros and cons etc. etc We also have a few questions about the DaDA - does it just cover the tuition? - is there any funding available for living costs? Any answers to the above would be most welcome! Thank you!
  4. Brand new Bullet Pointe leotard, pinch front in colour Plum, size XS (tag still on) £45 to include postage in uk , or nearest offer. Recent present from relative who lives in America - bought from the American bullet pointe website https://www.bulletpointe.com/collections/leotards/products/pinch-front-leotard-plum For sizing chart click on the above link My daughter is 5'6" and 43.8kg (96lbs) and the XS came up far too small unfortunately
  5. Hi Twoballerinas0004 - have just messaged you with photos - hopefully I've done it correctly!
  6. I have 3 new leotards for sale. My daughter excitedly received them this Christmas as presents, took the labels off 2 of them to try on in the house and to her disappointment realised that they were too small. We couldn't return them as they had been posted by well-meaning relatives from abroad. So Danca cap sleeved lace leotard midnight blue (more like a deep blackberry purple) label (still attached) size 12-14 2A So Danca cap sleeved lace leotard back label size 12-14 2A Claudia Dean (Australia) Juliet leotard midnight black child XL (same size as leotards above) They do seem like quite figure hugging, petite leotards. My daughter is a very slight 13 year old and she literally squeezed into them, so I reckon the 12-14 size is a bit misleading. I would like to sell them together if possible - brand new they would cost £70 before P&P - so asking £45 for the 3 (P&P included). I can send photos if required.
  7. lots of good advice/info here - thank you so much - getting DD to read all the suggestions herself really helps too - she takes more notice of advice this way!
  8. thanks Hoglett...I did wonder if it was the bacteria in sweat that caused it....she does seem to sweat in her hair, rather than on her face.... Kate_N...interesting...I'll have a search for the Palmer's product - never thought of Nivea either!! It might have to be something like this if the VO5 pink gel doesn't clear up the spots - need to sort the problem before it become a big issue, or the spots spred to her face etc. xx
  9. Thank you all so much, really helpful - DD has just read your responses - VO5 pink bottle it is then! Yes - hoping that some of the OCD stuff calms down when she sees her friends coping in different ways! It's little things you don't really think about till it's all a reality - better go and teach her how to cut her nails now! LOL! xx
  10. Ballet bun advice needed please! My daughter has a problem with little red spots that appear on and within her hair line at the temples. (They lessen considerably after about a week of no ballet bun - which is very rare these days!) I'm sure this is because of pulling the hair back tightly, possibly scraping with the comb and then applying gel on top...and then possibly not washing it all off properly afterwards!! However she is about to start vocational school and obviously will have to have her hair up in a bun each day - she is not one to casually put her hair up - it has to be "perfect", as I'm sure many of you will understand! The school she's about to attend does not allow hair spray so gel seems to be the only option. Any advice would be really appreciated - her hair is straight and strong with lots of wispy bits round the front - has anyone found a gel that does the trick, but doesn't aggravate the problem? Or any techniques? Particular brushes/combs? Or just re-assurance that she's not the only one who is OCD with her hair! I have of course explained all the above to DD but she always wants to look her best so telling her not to use gel/product at all sends her into a massive panic!
  11. Have the polo shirts long gone? If not I'd be interested
  12. Brilliant! Thanks mimi's mum...can't wait to listen to them!
  13. Thank you Wigglybunny! I'm excited for my DD now!
  14. Just a quick update to say I eventually spoke to Ana Carlson this last week - she was very supportive but said that changing weeks is not really possible (I did expect this to be the case). She says that the staff are very used to anxious children and that parents are with them for a good few hours whilst the settling in process takes place. So now we've ruled out the changing week idea, and DD is in a positive place, at least we know we HAVE to get the other stuff sorted to make it all happen - sometimes it helps when the options are narrowed down - you just have to do it somehow! Thanks for all the helpful friendly input from the forum x
  15. Hi Peanut, I ticked the box saying week 4, thinking at the time with all the info I had then that was our best option....how things change! Anyway, there must be a few others like me who have been wobbling at the last minute for all sorts of reasons.... just before paying the fees, so I'm sure waiting list places will become available for some, fingers crossed for you and your dd. I'm still going to ask if it's possible for a week change, but miraculously, now my dd has read the posts on this forum, she is calming down considerably so the other logistics can be faced more rationally!! The power of forums!!
  16. Thank you so much Balletmum55 - I've just shown dd the posts and she is feeling a lot better about the whole thing (funny how dd listens to other people and not to me!!) - it was quite distressing seeing her working herself up to a frenzy about "being left all on her own without us, with no friends, for a week" on top of the fact that week 4 is so difficult for us as a family! And it's all a few months off yet anyway! And we're soon having to pay all the fees! If she can put herself into a positive place (looking forward to the experience) then all the effort to get her there will be more than worth it. I'll still see if there's a possibility of changing weeks if the RBS get back to me - because you never know unless you ask. I'll post again to let you know what happens in the end. Thanks again xx
  17. Hi Balletmum55 and others - thank you for your kind words - that's all good to know - I'll show my dd your posts. I've tried to phone again this afternoon, but I've found out they are out of office until Monday - so I've just emailed them and got the same response... I'll have to be patient! I'm trying to get through to the outreach and access co-ordinator - Ana Carlson - I'm assuming this is who best to speak to (her name and contact details were on the bottom of the letter with the offer of the place on week 4). I quite understand that it must be a logistical nightmare for the RBS to organise all the students in suitable groups so I'm not really expecting that a change can be made - but it's always worth asking just in case things can be done to ease the situation for my dd. We would bend over backwards to get her there (and indeed if we stick to week 4 it's" bend over backwards with bells on" - like it must be for many parents!) but we have the added complication that she is (understandably) extremely anxious about going so far from home without any familiar faces or friends (she's knows someone from her MA class who is week 2, she has a number of friends on the waiting list for week 4). Does anybody know at what point the parents are asked to leave their children after the drop off on the Monday? And then what happens next? Especially in terms of making friends etc. What do the staff do to make sure all the students feel ok, especially the very anxious ones?
  18. Thanks Dancing Unicorn - that's interesting - I'll phone them again tomorrow.
  19. Pas de Quatre - thanks for the thought - I've tried to contact them by phone but no answer as yet - just thought that if I could offer a solution to the problem they might be ok with it....but you're right - I should really talk to them first - I don't think I'll use the Facebook idea after all - but all suggestions welcome! You have to apply so long in advance for the Summer School - so many things can change in-between! One of the many factors (but not the main one) for wanting to change the week is that my daughter - we are from Devon - does not know anyone else going on week 4 - so finding a friend in the area (week 4) would be a small piece of our puzzle.
  20. thanks Angel, posting on the RBS Facebook page is a good idea
  21. This is my first post...so I hope I get it right! My 12 year old daughter has a place on the RBS Summer Course this year for week 4. This particular week has become very difficult for us as a family to manage - I'm wondering if anybody has a daughter who would like, or who needs to, swop from week 2 to week 4? Or if anybody knows how the RBS would react to a request for a week change?
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