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  1. And here, if it’s ok to repeat my post from last Tuesday, is the German-language version:- https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/076621-000-A/marius-petipa-der-meister-des-klassischen-balletts/
  2. Many thanks Angela! The online stream will work till February. A blogger has commented here: https://classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com/2018/12/glazunov-raymonda-petipa-gergiev.html
  3. I have Amphi C34 for sale for the RB Triple bill tomorrow Wednesday 19 December: £11. Please PM as well as posting here if interested. Ticket goes back to the box office first thing Wednesday morning if no one wants it. Thanks!
  4. Here are the two links: https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/076621-000-A/marius-petipa-le-maitre-francais-du-ballet-russe/ https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/076621-000-A/marius-petipa-der-meister-des-klassischen-balletts/
  5. Just found an online link to this 1945 article about the Ballet Russes in Monte Carlo. Perhaps of interest: http://www.josephwechsberg.com/pdfs/1945/corps_de_ballet.pdf
  6. Just been alerted that I stupidly forgot to put the price, apologies: these tickets, which I can’t use as I have been invited to the Insight on Tuesday evening, are £11 each. They will go to the Box Office on Monday if no one contacts me over the weekend.
  7. Les Patineurs / Winter Dreams / The Concert - 18 December 2018, 7.30pm I have two e-tickets for sale Amphi Sides Row B. Will sell separately. Please PM as well as posting here if interested. Thanks!
  8. Here is an extract from a memoir by Joseph Wechsberg (the writer and opera-lover probably best known for his lovely book “Looking For A Bluebird”) who writes in “The Vienna I Knew” of his first visit to the Vienna Opera in 1923: ”The audience was incredible. Fat men and vulgar women in the boxes, overdressed and unkempt...They talked and coughed through the arias. During the intermission following the first act, when most people remained in their seats, I watched an improbable couple in the parterre box next to me. They opened small packages containing rolls with sausage, peeled the sausage skins off with their teeth, and threw the skins into the stalls. A man in front of me got angry and threw the skins back at them, and everybody laughed...The real opera lovers were up in the galleries, but I didn’t know it then.”
  9. That is not what they said to me. Nor is it what I wrote (apologies if there was a different “implication”, I tried to report as clearly as I could): >>The ROH say that once an email is logged, it is the responsibility of the new centralised service department to chase down whoever is responsible for giving a detailed reply and ensure that they do so within a reasonable time.  By “ensure that they do so within a reasonable time” I meant ensure that the correct person replies within a reasonable time. I hope all is clear now as this sounds like a significant improvement. Time will tell.
  10. Might it be appropriate to repeat an earlier post here? http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/19046-a-new-system-for-complaints-concerns-and-questions-at-the-roh/
  11. According to what I have been told, yes the ROH is now set up to deal with this sort of thing.
  12. A recent failed booking - mishandled first by the Royal Opera House's technology and then by its staff - has over the last weeks drawn me into an extended correspondence with various members of ROH staff. Somewhat to my surprise, the final outcome turns out to be wholly positive, not just for me in this particular case but for customers of the ROH more generally. It turns out that there is a new way to contact ROH with complaints, concerns or questions. As of very recently there is now a central place for us to contact ROH by email: customerservices@roh.org.uk It may be that some recent frustrations are down either to the previous clumsy systems or to teething troubles in putting the new system into place. But whatever happened in the past, ROH now promise that irrespective of the nature of the enquiry - security, clumsy front of house, the dodgy website, a failed booking, the printing of the new programmes, stupid statements by ROH staff, the cost/benefit of the catering, or whatever - this email address is the place to write to. The ROH say that once an email is logged, it is the responsibility of the new centralised service department to chase down whoever is responsible for giving a detailed reply and ensure that they do so within a reasonable time. This is new, so there are bound to be a few stumbles as the system gets bedded down, but it makes much more sense than the piecemeal and rather disorganised ways things were dealt with in the past. This thread could be a place to report back what is - or isn't - working. I for one am pleased with things so far.
  13. In case people haven’t followed the news, Yasmine Naghdi is dancing this performance instead of Hayward: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/18245-royal-ballet-20182019-winter-season-casting/?do=findComment&comment=265070
  14. I am now selling two Row B Amphi tickets for Wednesday 13 February 2019, 7.30pm: Asphodel Meadows / The Two Pigeons £11 each. Will sell separately. Please PM if interested
  15. Bumping up the tickets for Tuesday 12 February (Frankie's Two Pigeons) as they are still available
  16. One ticket £11 for tonight - Amphi Row E - RB Triple Bill - E-ticket. Please send me a PM.
  17. Two tickets for February 12 Royal Ballet School - The Two Pigeons (Hayward / Bracewell) Amphi Row C - £11 each. E-tickets. Please PM if interested.
  18. Very sadly I can’t now make the first night of the Unknown Soldier triple bill (+Infra +Symphony in C), tomorrow Tuesday 20.11. Two seats, will sell separately, Row B Amphi, £11. PM if interested. Tickets will otherwise go back to the Box Office first thing tomorrow Tuesday.
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