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  1. London Boys here - we got Waiting List. Has anyone got yes's yet? Good luck everyone!
  2. Thank you Jane, it was for WL. I have spoken to RBS and we are now on the waiting list for residential as you had suggested.
  3. Hi all, we have just received a non-residential offer, despite having applied for residential. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I am 99.9% sure of having ticked residential on the form... Thanks!
  4. Thank you DanceMomma, I'll drop them a line now.
  5. Hi Auntie Nora, silly question - is Y8 her current year or is it to apply for a Y8 place? My son is in Y7 at the moment and got called back for the Y7 WL audition... I'm starting to worry that I've ticked something wrong on the form!!
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