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  1. Looks to be some very interesting casting choices, although the website keeps changing. Debuts for Pajdak and Maeda as Clara, and Dixon and Sissens as Hans Peter. It will be interesting to see how much of the roles make it in to the revised production. Also O'Sullivan debuts as Sugar Plum and Sambe and Corrales as the Prince. And the first ROH Sugar Plum for Osipova in 7 years. Shame about the whole not being able to get a single ticket in my price range and difficulty getting to London even if I could!
  2. I believe it was a problem with the livestream not working on certain mobile browsers, so phones and tablets. Odd given that this isn't normally an issue with Vimeo livestreams. For those who had trouble, I would urge you to try again now that it is available on demand. Everything is working fine now. If you could access Dances at a Gathering and the test video, you will be able to watch the gala.
  3. By my count there were 5 Lilacs in the last run of Sleeping Beauty: Storm-Jensen, Kaneko, Calvert, Mendizabal, and Magri making her debut. There were two dancers who performed in 2016/17 but did not this time: Stix-Brunell and Heap. I believe both were indisposed. I think Laura McCulloch also danced the role in 2016/17 but has since retired. I liked Storm-Jensen in the theatre and on screen. I thought she conveyed a serene benevolence. Not flustered by Carabosse, even when the other fairies were nervous, and never in doubt about her ability to overpower the curse. Yes she was a bit
  4. Did we know that tomorrow (Thursday 13th) at 7:30 pm there will be a Swan Lake rehearsal live stream? I didn't. Here is the link
  5. For the record, my best guess at casting. Debuts with asterisk. Missing dancers, or dancers I was expecting to appear but didn’t, are in brackets. Florestan is a mess. Not comprehensive. Did you see them all? I didn’t, lost 4 shows to the train strike. The one I did see was the most important one though. O’Sullivan’s debut will live long in the memory. Lilac (5) - Kaneko, Magri*, Calvert, Mendizabal, Storm-Jensen (Stix-Brunell, Heap) Carabosse (5) - McNally, Mendizabal*, Forskitt (guest), Arestis, McGorian (Cowley) Crystal Fountain (4) - Stix-Brunell, Turk, Pajdak,
  6. The Director clearly has confidence in Storm-Jensen, and I trust this is not misplaced. He has a decent track record in nurturing talent after all. This would not be the first time that a dancer has struggled with the move from rehearsal room to stage and, whilst there is a limit, I hope the Director keeps faith so that we get the chance to see what he sees. We should also bear in mind that, with Stix-Brunell off stage for the past two months, we have been down a lilac.
  7. Calvert performed the Lilac Fairy for the 2011 cinema screening (Cuthbertson/Polunin) whilst still a first artist, so there is precedent.
  8. Just stumbled across this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-17436349/airdrie-born-ballet-student-reece-clarke-scoops-dance-title
  9. Debut on opening night, with Osipova, replacing Muntagirov. No pressure Reece!
  10. In Raymonda last night, Tomas Mock replaced Reece Clarke in the Hungarian Dance. Does anyone know who replaced Mock in the Grand Pas? Presumably he can't have done both, but I didn't hear or see an announcement.
  11. Right! I thought the Rose Adage was incredible, but with that out of the way she seemed to loosen up and found another level. Just so good throughout
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