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  1. Some observations: R and J - No one misses out from 2018/19. Bracewell and Clarke make the debuts they missed. Campbell and Richardson have unexpected(?) debuts. Bonelli is back. McRae is back. Naghdi/Muntagirov. Giselle - No female debuts. No McRae. No Ella. Sambé makes the debut he missed in 2017/18. Lamb and Sambé partnered for the first time. Nutcracker - Osipova’s first London Nutcracker since 2013/14. No Bonelli. No Hamilton. All missed debuts reinstated. Allnatt and Junker have unexpected(?) debuts as Clara and Hans-Peter. O’Sullivan and Zucchetti the only dancers to take two roles as Sambé retires Hans-Peter. General - Osipova/Clarke is definitely a thing. Cinema/live streams focusing on the younger dancers: O'Sullivan/Sambé, Naghdi/Ball, Takada/Corrales.
  2. Only 8 programmes, down from 10 in 2019/20, and 11 in 2018/19. Same number of full evening works, less mixed bills. Understandable given the circumstances, but not helping the contraction in active rep. We are getting 8 less ballets this season (12) than in 2018/19 (20), a 40% reduction. That said, I am excited to find out the casting and debuts, and to see how the new works turn out.
  3. Yes, you change "stage-view" to "position-view". You were so close!
  4. And again, I am pleased to have made an impression! Crazy this is over two years old now
  5. It seems the lack of single seats was not an exaggeration. It feels really strange being told the day before booking that I am, in essence, barred from the theatre. I don’t like being negative about something I love so much, but… I guess I’m going to have to outsource casting data collection for these performances!
  6. It seems pretty bad form if they have not held any single seats back for public booking. It’s difficult to be too critical given the circumstances, but it does give the impression that the ROH consider some parts of the audience to be disposable. I have pretty much made my peace with not being able to attend this run of performances. But, if the same restrictions are in places when the 2021/22 season starts booking, its going to really hurt. I know it’s necessary, but it’s not great for single out-of-towners on a budget!
  7. Can anybody speak to the availability of single tickets? Are they looking as thin on the ground as for the Nutcracker?
  8. On the issue of Onegin, I have removed the cinema tag from the offending performance. It seems pretty clear that the recording was not intended to be released so has no place in the database. Thanks again for all the positive comments. I'm glad so many are enjoying it. Any and all feedback is welcome. I want to make the site as good as it can be (or I can make it), so if you see anything that doesn’t look right let me know. If you are a ballet company and would like your own casting site, I accept payment in tickets!
  9. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. This started as a record of the performances I had seen and then spiralled wildly out of control! Six years of data collection and several months of fighting with code well spent I guess. Thanks also to Sim and Dave for pointing out spelling errors. If anybody finds anymore, let me know. I’ve tried my best, but there is over 1600 line of data in the main collection! Thinking about it Richard, this might be in error. I seem to remember that there was an illicit recording floating around a while ago. At the time I assumed (perhaps naively) it was genuine and marked it in my records, but in hindsight it probably wasn't. I have check the ROH press releases and they don’t indicate a cinema broadcast. Does anyone know? This was the year before I started following the company so I may have made an incorrect assumption.
  10. Over the past few months, I have been working on a website with a searchable database of casting information for the last 9 years of Royal Ballet performances, the years that are not covered by rohcollections. I started keeping records for personal reference, but I know that some on this forum have shared my frustration at the lack of casting information for these years. So, here it is, if you are interested. In theory, it should contain principal casting information for all main stage performances by the Royal Ballet from the 2012/13 season to present, with some additional casting on production pages for the more recent years. https://saodan1.wixsite.com/rbcasting If you do have a look, let me know how it goes. It’s not pretty, but it should be functional (if my code holds up). If you find any errors shout at me nicely. If it doesn’t work for you/is confusing/you have suggestions, I can try to fix things, but bear in mind I am a ballet fan not a web developer! I hope you enjoy digging into the database. If this proves to be a useful resource for people, I will try to keep the database updated as performances resume. It will remain an archive though, so past performances only. For upcoming performances the ROH is where you should go. This is obviously unofficial, there may be errors, and is purely a passion project. Thank you to the mods for permission to post. Dan
  11. Yes, I think you must be right. It looks like they have changed the order of the roles around from last time, so Clarke still doing Red, Dubreuil replacing Edmonds in Green. I do wish the ROH would be a little clear and more consistent with casting information!
  12. According to my records, the two casts from 2020 were: - Nunez, Hayward, Naghdi, Kaneko, Morera, Campbell, Bracewell, Bonelli, Zucchetti, Acri - Lamb, Magri, Hinkis, O'Sullivan, Heap, Sambe, Edmonds, Clarke, Ella, Hay Order is: Pink, Lilac, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Green, Red, Blue, Orange So I would guess that Dubreuil is taking over from Reece Clarke in Red
  13. Looks to be some very interesting casting choices, although the website keeps changing. Debuts for Pajdak and Maeda as Clara, and Dixon and Sissens as Hans Peter. It will be interesting to see how much of the roles make it in to the revised production. Also O'Sullivan debuts as Sugar Plum and Sambe and Corrales as the Prince. And the first ROH Sugar Plum for Osipova in 7 years. Shame about the whole not being able to get a single ticket in my price range and difficulty getting to London even if I could!
  14. I believe it was a problem with the livestream not working on certain mobile browsers, so phones and tablets. Odd given that this isn't normally an issue with Vimeo livestreams. For those who had trouble, I would urge you to try again now that it is available on demand. Everything is working fine now. If you could access Dances at a Gathering and the test video, you will be able to watch the gala.
  15. By my count there were 5 Lilacs in the last run of Sleeping Beauty: Storm-Jensen, Kaneko, Calvert, Mendizabal, and Magri making her debut. There were two dancers who performed in 2016/17 but did not this time: Stix-Brunell and Heap. I believe both were indisposed. I think Laura McCulloch also danced the role in 2016/17 but has since retired. I liked Storm-Jensen in the theatre and on screen. I thought she conveyed a serene benevolence. Not flustered by Carabosse, even when the other fairies were nervous, and never in doubt about her ability to overpower the curse. Yes she was a bit detached, but she is a fairy so, to my mind, not engaged with the action on a human level, merely an observer and thwarter of inconvenient miscreants! I admit that this was undermined a little by a sometimes shaky execution of the steps, but I can forgive her this. I don’t think I’ve seen the variation performed perfectly and I’m sure she wasn’t helped by the interminably slow pace of the music.
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