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  1. As James has said, they did one performance of Romeo and Juliet on tour in Japan in 2016. They also did Perdita and Florizel in Winter's Tale on tour in Australia in 2017. Hayward was replacing Lamb.
  2. Kish was in the first ballet I saw, a tv broadcast of his 2014 Swan Lake with Yanowsky. Unfortunately, my 4 years following the company coincided with his injury problems. Nevertheless, I was fortunate to see his Creature, Des Grieux, and Siegfried among other things. I’m sad that he is retiring. Like others I had been impressed by his recent character work and was hoping to see him develop in these roles. I hope he achieves all he is aiming for with his studies, and I will continue to harbour the hope that he may return to the stage at some point in the future. Thank you, Mr Kish. I will be forever grateful for the role you played in introducing me to ballet.
  3. Stalls Circle Standing D10 for 12th June. Listed as restricted view because of a pillar, but its not too bad at all. Face value £8 and its an e-ticket. PM me and leave a message here if interested.
  4. Ball will be dancing (debuting) in the 1st movement. The missing man is Hirano, who is dancing twice but is only listed once (Firebird and 2nd movement)
  5. Is the seating plan working for anyone? I can see price bands, but not which seats they correspond to. It looks like something is going on with the pricing for Manon. Some significant reductions for mid range tickets compared to 2018? All depends on which seats are in which price bands. 2018: 105, 100, 98, 92, 80, 64, 56, 36, 25, 19, 9, 6 2019: 110, 105, 95, 85, 67, 50, 37, 30, 25, 18, 9, 5 Sleeping Beauty has an additional price band: 13 rather than 12. The new one is the £145 top band. The other 12 price bands are broadly similar to R&J, if increased a bit. I wonder what seats will move into the new price band and the effects this will have lower down. R&J 18: ..., 130, 124, 115, 106, 85, 74, 58, 40, 28, 21, 11, 8 2019: 145, 138, 131, 122, 115, 98, 82, 66, 45, 30, 21, 11, 8 Pricing for Concerto and Coppelia increased from comparable programmes this year, but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary.
  6. Balcony D31 for 17th May (Nuñez/Tissi). Central standing place and clear view. Face value £11 and its an e-ticket. PM me and leave a message here if interested.
  7. From the Press Release: Heritage The Royal Ballet and guest companies Choreography includes works by Frederick Ashton, Kenneth MacMillan Generous philanthropic support from the Patrons of Covent Garden The identity of The Royal Ballet – and of ballet in Britain and the world – has been shaped through more than eighty years by the extraordinary choreographic creativity of Ninette de Valois, Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan. A complement to the more familiar performances of works by these three figures on the Main Stage, this programme brings that heritage into the intimate space of the Linbury Theatre, performed by companies including The Royal Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Performances: 14–19 May 2020, Linbury Theatre
  8. Have you been since the refurb? It's so much better, like a different theatre.
  9. I’m not sure this is anything new really, it has long been the case. The Arts Council receives so many high quality applications that they cannot award funding to all of them. As such, they need additional criteria to choose between the high quality applications. Hence, ‘relevance’. It does say in the article that excellence is ‘no longer enough’, meaning you have to be both excellent and relevant. They aren’t going to start funding low quality work just because its ‘relevant’. (Although there is no accounting for personal taste!) It looks to me like the guy in charge of the new strategy just wants to show how progressive he is. All bark no bite if you ask me. The criteria haven’t even be decided yet. Nothing to see here other than some peacocking on behalf of a desperately fragile ego.
  10. Young ROH (what used to be ROH Students) is a free scheme where current students can register to receive certain benefits. I don't think there is an age limit despite the name change. To register you need only give details of your course. You may be asked to show a valid student ID at the door, but I have never been asked. I can only imaging that the name is to emphasise that the scheme is intended to be youth focused and to discourage older students from participating. Benefits include priority booking (one day ahead of pubic booking), access to 10 slips and standing tickets for each performance reserved for students to buy at face value, one whole house student performance each season and a few amphitheatre performances (both with reduced prices; the rules say you need to show one valid student ID for every two tickets, so you can take one non-student with you), reduced prices for insight events and some student only insights, the occasional offer of standby tickets (last minute tickets for £10), and two for £10 cinema tickets. There is a separate Young Friends scheme which is the same as Friends membership but at a lower price. So, priority booking, rehearsal tickets, magazine etc. You have to be 16-30.
  11. Well, as Dawnstar said it! Without wanting to be accused of speculation, my guess is that they are waiting to announce McRae's replacement until they know whether they need to replace Clarke. One decision might affect the other. Reasonable reason for a delay in my opinion.
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