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  1. Hi Hi balletboy8 congratulations on getting it, it’s an amazing experience! Eastleigh class is from 11:15-1:30 for years 4&5 then 2:15-4:30 for year 6. Hope that helps and good luck!
  2. My daughter due to dance next Jan at festival so would be interested to hear how RB are with you? When is your DD due to be in festival?
  3. Hi Pixie I cut the ribbon in half and tied it into a clip. Hoping it will stay on the clip and won't have to keep re-doing it every week!
  4. My DD (and me!) are just a little bit excited about starting at Eastleigh tomorrow ! Look forward to meeting everyone else there xx
  5. Anyone know how you fly with a hooped pancake tutu please? I'd hate it to be damaged...
  6. Hi Pixie, no and I can't find anything about it so I'm wondering if I dreamt it?! But I'm pretty sure someone mentioned something about one when I told them DD had been accepted.
  7. Does anyone know anything about an October workshop for the JA's? Is this just for the older children or for all age groups? Be interested to find out more...
  8. Hi sarahw thanks for the tip, I've just bought Next Boys joggers and they're much better - plain navy!
  9. I bought Next BOYS plain navy joggers - much better fit!! Age 8 is perfect ?
  10. Does anyone know why some people are offered 24 weeks and some 32?
  11. Thank you - great idea, have ordered several pairs so will wait for the postie!
  12. Hi Balletmum55 did you have any luck getting some navy joggers? The RB ones have arrived and are humumgous!! I'm going to return them. I would've thought they'd be a slim fit given the girls they are accepting into JA...
  13. Hi Pixie yes my DD is in JA1 too and coffee sounds lovely. The form took me over an hour to do !! But I had problems with the photo. I took it on my iPhone then had to change the format or it wouldn't accept it. When it did it was confusing as you don't see the actual photo just a red circle with a cross in it under the box - but must be right or wouldn't let me go to next page. I've ordered uniform today too - all very exciting! X
  14. And mine! But how will we know who is who?!! Just completed my online forms - phew ?
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