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  1. That's interesting. Might be hope for ones I missed.
  2. TTtThis (The Fountain of Bakhchisarai) is being streamed tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday) daytime, here: https://mariinsky.tv/e Cast includes Yakovlev, Matvienko, Parish, Belyakov, Tereshkina, Popov.
  3. A bit optimistic perhaps at this late stage! But if anyone has a standing or other cheap ticket for Coppelia this evening I would be interested. Thanks.
  4. It's not just question of becoming more familiar, the ROH needs to replace lost functionality.
  5. EVERYTHING IS MUCH TOO BIG. It drives me nuts.
  6. Very good suggestion. Everyone please do this.
  7. A life saver! Thank you so much for that.
  8. Would like to take friend. Would be wonderful if anyone could help. David
  9. I have a spare Stalls Circle Standing ticket for Semiramide this Wednesday, 13 Dec, 6.30 pm. Standing place is D40. Please send a PM if you are interested. Thanks.
  10. Last time I saw Don Q I had economised by not buying a programme, and was completely baffled.
  11. Re Don Quixote. I have been reading about it on Wikipedia. Does the Mariinsky give us "Petipa's first version from 1869", or "Petipa's second version from 1871" - or perhaps some other version altogether? If the latter, is there anywhere I can read up the story in advance?
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