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  1. Thank you everyone for your priceless advice I have taken it all into to consideration and I believe tring is the better place for her though she tells me Elmhurst but still not sure luckily she is incredible fortunate to have received an MDS for both and distance does not matter for us. This makes the decision better on a way but much harder as we have to make it ourselves entirely. One more question "do many of the Elmhurst students from year11 get taken on at some of the high level upset schools I.e RBS?
  2. Hi I am new to the forum and just wanted to ask some questions I have regarding Tring Park lower school. I have heard that it is a very good school,one of the few vocational school balancing the academics with the dance training.my DD has recently been offered both Tring and Elmhurst and is having trouble deciding as they are both amazing opportunities. she loves her ballet and would definitely consider a career in it though she also likes her other styles of dance; jazz, tap, contemporary and modern and I would like to keep her well rounded so she will have more job opportunities. I have also heard rumors that hardly any professional classical ballerinas come out of Tring and that the standard of ballet isn't anywhere near the level of ballet at Elmhurst. I wondered if anyone could tell me if these rumors are in any part true and give me a feel for the standard of ballet in the lower school at tring Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.xx
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