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  1. Thank you for posting, my DD would love to audition for this, but unfortunately timing probably not quite right. Love this helpful and friendly forum!
  2. Injuries are a nightmare aren't they Keeping my fingers firmly crossed! BB x
  3. Morning All! First of all thank you so much to both Tulip and VerySkint who have both given really helpful first-hand experience details, very much appreciated! Ha ha, Anna C - I was feeling that it had all got a bit controversial The young lady in question DF is still considering her options after school, contracts are a hurdle she hasn't got to worry about just yet. She just wants to get on a really good top-up course that is also good fun (she missed a huge chunk of training due to injury and has had her confidence knocked). After all, as pointed out earlier, contracts are so difficult to secure that the experience has got to be enjoyable because there is absolutely no guarantee of a job in the industry and so happy memories have to be created during training - IMO anyway Tulip or VerySkint, any more advice would be most welcome, no snippet too trivial or even just a recollection of a happy moment on the course BB xxx
  4. Hi VS, thank you very much for the extra info, I will pass it on to the young person in question! Any further recollections/advice will be greatfully received. x
  5. Hi Veryskint (I know the feeling!) Congratulations to your DC for getting on the course, you must be very proud Hope you don't mind my asking, but were the majority of the auditionees from the top schools or were there any wild cards there, and was the audition particularly gruelling! I know you've got to be in it to win it, but if the auditions are dominated by the high achievers, then it might be too daunting. I have heard that NB are keen on potential, but I suppose at this stage in training, they expect all round talent that just needs that extra boost. Any insight would be really appreciated! BB x PS 11 gosh that's not many places ...
  6. Gosh, thank you for all the information everyone! Lots to think about, good luck to all of you out there already auditioning for companies, or school or associates! BB x
  7. Wow that was quick! Thank you Anna C. Very helpful, but I was rather hoping to also hear of anyone's or anyone's daughter/son experience of auditioning or perhaps attending. I know it's a tough world out there and if it's unbelievably challenging and the competition super talented, I would rather be forewarned!
  8. Hello Everyone I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the NB Professional Graduate Programme, I believe it to be a fairly new course. It is a rather large financial commitment, however it does appear that the students have secured some contracts. Also, is it tremendously difficult to even get to audition stage? I should imagine it's pretty over-subscribed. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Cheers BB
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