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  1. Lucy Eggleton at Allen physiotherapy in Guildford. Not just for dance but super.
  2. Laine do a MT summer school but not sure if the weeks are what you want?
  3. We were at London audition and I think they said results within 2 weeks but seems unlikely as the first auditions haven't heard yet. Waiting isn't easy but something to get used to I fear!
  4. DD got in off wait list and we had not ticked the box to be considered full time.
  5. I tried to do a bit of research on this at the end of last term and telephoned ENBS and was told that it was very rare for an applicant not already at vocational school to get in at 16! Tring did not seem to think it was such an issue and I personally know of one student to get in at 16 to Elmhurst from non vocational school.
  6. Non dd did triple science with A* results. She then changed school for A levels and continued with 2 of the sciences.She felt the change from triple to A level was huge but this was heightened by the fact that the children who had taken GCSE's at the new school had done IGCSE science and so teaching was based on this premise. Triple science had been compulsory for these children and the IGCSE course does cover a few more topics and some in further depth so she felt she spent the first 6 months on catch up! I would have thought that uni's would prefer triple science to double for science degrees if given a choice but having said that non dd is now studying for a science degree and some on the course do only have double.
  7. DD does ISTD grades at her studio and once they enter grade 6 they are watched carefully to see when they are suitable to go onto pointe. DD went on after 6 weeks, age 12 (just) and others wait 6 months. The teachers are careful to make sure they are strong enough regardless of age although I haven't seen anyone younger than 12 on pointe. Grade 6 had 30 min pointe lesson per week while anyone not on pointe does work on demi- pointe. This seems really sensible to me. At summer school this year many of the 12 yr old girls were regularly doing 2 hour pointe lessons which seems a big jump!
  8. My Dd did RBS SS and just got home from Elmhurst SS. This was 2nd year at RBS SS and really enjoyed. Standard was very high with many of the international students doing 30 hours a week plus of dance. Really super to watch on the last day with so much talent although probably slightly prefer the lay out of the year before. DD had a great time at Elmhurst too with 21 in a group. Her group only did ballet and rep which was perfect for her. Teaching was super apparently and the showing of work for parents was lovely.
  9. Hi all, Thank you so much for your replies.We are very lucky to have super local teaching and DD is on a good associate scheme so I think it sounds like we are giving her the best shot at getting into vocational school at 16 other than sending her now.I guess the best thing will probably be to keep thinks open in our minds and make changes as and when it becomes really necessary.I definitely feel more informed already so thank you all.
  10. Hi all, Dd would love a career in ballet and our present plan is to try for vocational school at 16. DD's local ballet teacher has mentioned that waiting until 16 could possibly reduce the chances of getting into a top school and also of having a strong ballet career after training. She was unsure of how many 16 year olds get offers who are not already at vocational school. I was under the naive impression that everyone had an equal shot at 16 (slight lack of experience here!) Is this generally thought to be the case and is there any way of finding out how many get places at 16 who do not already attend vocational schools? Any opinions greatly appreciated!
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