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  1. Leeds JA's tend to use towels - Miss Hatton is lovely and will go over everything that first lesson, so don't worry. Enjoy it all x
  2. My dd is boarding from September and this is one of my concerns. Sending big hugs - so hard when we are not there to help them through it x
  3. https://www.psinternationalballet.com/ - Ran by Peter and Shannon. Fab summer school, this will be our third year there. DD loves it
  4. Does anyone have a clue as to when term information/financial info etc gets issued from RBS for WL?
  5. Thank you JulieW. The dancers at our local school still have love and passion for dance even though not many got recalled for finals at lower schools, they are already talking of going again next year. I really think its us as parents that struggle with it all. LOL
  6. Thank you Meadowblythe for that. I really appreciate hearing that - its reassuring
  7. That's reassuring. Thank you for sharing that.
  8. This is my worry about taking up a year 7 place, we've also heard rumours that if assessed out of WL there will be little/no chance of getting another vocational school. What happened to just going to one class a week. LOL
  9. No clue as to how many. We are going to enjoy the experience, hope for the best but preparing for a No.
  10. Sorry for your No Ally6684, hope your DD takes it ok. Its so few places for so many. Good luck everyone still waiting x
  11. Hopefully tomorrow for Birmingham and London! Good luck to all waiting x
  12. Oh Dopedeedoo. This is just awful. DD now knows her friends who auditioned elsewhere has their results. LOL! Good luck to your dd
  13. Many congratulations to you all, So lovely to hear some good news. I've got another day of frantically checking, I think I know its a NO but even so! Lol. Where did your DC audition?
  14. Any news today? We are still waiting! Expecting the no but doesn’t stop me checking!
  15. Still waiting on the email Dopedeedoo. Feeling quite queasy! Lol. Are you still waiting too?
  16. Manchester are out. Good luck all waiting still
  17. Sorry for your No Katia05. Hope your DD takes the news ok. Good luck to everyone waiting for results. This rollarcoaster ride is awful!
  18. Which group was you in Dopedeedoo? I'm tired from the travelling but DD has bounced into school this morning. She loves it - the auditioning, the travelling, dancing in other studios, meeting other dancers etc. It leaves me drained! LOL. Oh to have their energy.
  19. Good luck all - we have finals for Elmhurst in March and 1st audition for MA/WL on Sunday.
  20. We have auditions for year 7 on Sunday, I think its the last session so results should be shortly after. Good luck to all those entering and waiting.
  21. Waiting for the results is the hardest bit. Hope those with a No were not too upset, think of it as a not yet and carry on working hard. I do realise that's a lot easier said than done though. Its so hard knowing that an audition is done and there is nothing we as parents/teachers can do now but wait.
  22. Aw thanks for the feedback everyone, Tring hasn't really cropped up in our dance school before but if we find ourselves looking again for next year I'll definitely bear it in mind, DD has asked me to look at the summer school there after hearing about it from one of her JA friends. Isn't the waiting for a letter/emails just awful. Lol. x
  23. No we haven't done Tring. My dd loves all dance but ballet is her passion. She is auditioning for Elmhurst and Royal. Of course the chance of a yes is soooooooo slim but its what she has dreamed of for such a long time. If its a No, then we will try again next year. Good luck to your pupils
  24. We was there Tutugirl. a really lovely session. Hope you enjoyed it too. Fingers crossed for an invite to finals x
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