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  1. If it helps my dd is 13 very slim 5ft7 we bought 3A leotard, 14-15 track suit ( bottoms are slightly big on length but she can get away with it ,waist too big but it has a draw string. Jacket the same size and fit beautifully.
  2. Hopefully some movement for anyone waiting on the waiting list for a place on the Northern Senior Associates course my DD had two offers on the table and decided to go with the other offer after two years at Northern she felt she want to experience the other Associates course as it may be the only chance she may get. She has loved Northern but wanted to let someone else have the same chance she had after gaining her place two years ago off the waiting list. 🤞 Good luck to those waiting xx
  3. I know of a year 8 and 9 email going out this week with results. Who knows when the mids emails will hit our inbox ?. The past two years going by my emails for RBS mids we have normally had them around now.one year was the last week of March. so I'm just assuming and refreshing my emails daily as they can't be far off sending them out now. I thought waiting for junior results was a long wait until my DD then started auditions for Mids 😬😩 xx
  4. Hi Dainty dancers mum The emails for year 9/1011 White lodge finals have just gone out. once these have all gone out then we should here about Mids any time now going on past years. 🤞 x
  5. This will make my DD feel better knowing she's not on her own, I hate delivering the news and the tears that follow.once shes had a cry its done and she moves on. Hopefully next year 🤞 x
  6. A no for my DD for y9 it was expected as no movement in that year group 😢
  7. I know the school can take more pupils on if they really like someone but I'm dreading the emails coming through if there is no chance of even getting a call back for y9 intake.😔 I'm hoping still 🙏 you just never know.x
  8. My DD auditioned in Leeds no email as yet 😔............. And the wait continues
  9. Still waiting for Leeds results x
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