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  1. You can watch your daughters class then leave but you will need to listen for the recalls as she may be asked to dance in the final class. They don't allow people in or out during the classes in case it disrupts the dancers but its ok to do so in between classes. At the presentation all the dancers are given a certificate so she would miss out if you left early. It is a lovely experience for the dancers.
  2. If you only ticked MA it doesn’t matter as I did that for my DD and she was invited to finals anyway. Not sure if it works the other way though. Good luck everyone waiting
  3. The children for the Albert Hall ballet were selected from open auditions for the past 2 years and anyone who meets the height criteria can audition. The Birmingham hippodrome ballet are indeed selected by Marion Tait from the both Elmhurst and RB JAs in Birmingham. A very worthwile experience for any budding ballet dancer!
  4. The audition was at Urdang last year and I understand that it is this year too. Check the info as unless its come from BRB then I would say it will still be Urdang. You go on the site and book a place and then you receive an email to confirm time/place etc. My daughter did this last year and it was an amazing experience.
  5. This is an amazing opportunity and so lovely that they are doing it again this year. It is unlike anything else to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Anyone thinking about the commitment- go for it, you will not be disappointed if your child gains a place
  6. There should be a score for each section out of 20 then an overall score. Are you sure it was a grade and not a medal test as IDTA grades are pass, merit, distinction. The medal tests are pass, commended, honours if I recall. Would have to check past exam sheets
  7. Heard of 2 London yeses so looks like people wont have to wait much longer. Good luck everyone🤞
  8. Her dance teacher contacted the associate office
  9. My daughter was very small for her age and was offered SWL the first time we applied. The feedback was thst thry liked her but wanted to see if she grew. She grew a lot in the next year and joined JAs then. She was still small compared to her classmates but had long legs compared to her body. She is very light in weight but doesnt look skinny. 17kg is very light- about 2.5 stone. Good luck, hope its a yes for you DD 😃
  10. If your Dd Is a JA then her JA teacher will give your regular teacher feedback if thats easier for you. I found my Dd JA teacher to be really helpful
  11. Was your daughter at WL finals at the weekend? Did they not give her some verbal feedback?
  12. Thank you. Birmingham is good for us so will look into it 🙂
  13. I’m looking for recommendations for a physio with dance as a speciality in the north west. Does anyone have any experience? TIA
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