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  1. I'm not sure if this is classed as doing dance, but it is certainly about dance. At the moment my dd (who's in year six) is trying to write a story about the Royal Ballet School. Basically the general plot is: The main character (Suki) auditions and gets into the Royal Ballet School and attends for two years until she is assessed out at the end of year eight because she had grown into the "Wrong Figure". Then she finds out about a new school (made up) that feeds into a company where they don't care too much about your body shape, just your technical ability and performance quality. When suk
  2. Tatasmum: your comment is really interesting because at the moment my daughter is being taken on and off inhalers because they are trying to work out if she is asthmatic or not. Also, she is allergic to most sun creams though we have found one she is fine with and I generally do tell her to put it on in the summer when she goes outside. I think I will try to get her to eat more eggs though I won't try mushrooms because she hates them. Also, she does drink soya milk - either sweetened alpro or tesco.
  3. After reading this thread, i am a bit worried that my dd is deficient in some vitamins and minerals. She is veggie and on a dairy free diet. Also she does go outside quite a bit, though wrapped up in about five layers at the moment, however not as much as her friends. She isn't a fussy eater by any means though.
  4. At the moment she is doing an extra class in modern, tap andd jazz in the run up to her exams so usually she would only do two classes of each of these a year.
  5. Also, I have been told that she has the physique for ballet and she has auditioned and got into English Youth Ballet but we had to pull out for financial reasons.
  6. At the moment my dd is in year 5 at school (she is ten this month) and she loves dance, especially ballet. Next month she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD modern, last month she did her Grade 4 ISTD ballet and in September she is doing her Grade 4 ISTD tap and ISTD bronze jazz. Her weekly timetable looks like this for this half term (Summer 2nd) Monday: 4-5.15=Grade 5 ballet 5.15-6.15=Grade 4 modern 6.15-7.15=Grade 4 tap Tuesday: 5-6.15=Non-syllabus ballet 6.15-7=Musical Theatre 7-8=Bronze jazz Thursday: 4-5=Grade 5 ballet 5-6=Grade 4 modern 6.30-7.30=Grade 4 tap 7.30-8.30=Bronze jazz S
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