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  1. Hello Hollylou yes the year 8s will still be boarding in clovelly. All the best to your dd x
  2. I haven't read anything about new students starting year 7 this September.
  3. My DD said to me last night on the phone that they are giving the year 7 assessments out at the parents evening next Friday. I don't know if this is true or she's just heard part of an conversation and put two and two together.x
  4. Hi Dancing2003 thank you. I've already emailed Miss Lawn and I will be sending an email to the school tomorrow x
  5. Thank you angel the boarding staff are going to report it to the school tomorrow. The thing is the items where in my DD wardrobe and drawer.
  6. Hi balletmum20 she's year 7 I've just spoken to my DD she's still very upset, which I am. The staff have spoken to everyone but still the items haven't turned up. It started Friday with her perfume going missing and tonight her MP3.
  7. I need some advise please. My DD is a boarder but is very upset as some for her things have gone missing. I don't know if it's just a joke but it's upsetting my DD as it's her personal items which were in her wardrobe / drawers. I've informed the staff but these items haven't been returned. I really don't know what to do next.
  8. Is it me or are the school photos taking forever to arrive.
  9. Hi balletmum20 yes my daughter has told me the same thing.
  10. Good luck to all year 7 tomorrow probably see some of you tonight. And good luck to all new students starting in other years
  11. Hi ballet4boys myself and my daughter have had the pleasure in knowing your wonderful DS over the past 16 months. And I'm frilled that my DD will be starting vocational school with him very soon he is such pleasant young man always makes my DD laugh even when they should be concentrating in dance. But I know there journey and friendship is just the beginning and they have lots of memories to make x
  12. I can't stop crying my DD is so excited
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