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  1. Yes did not seem the right email for wait list people to receive!! At least we have saved ourselves some money!
  2. But the email received last week said wait list?! And the whole email had a weird grey background!
  3. I just got the same email and thought it was a place!!! It starts talking about when fees are due etc. We had already accepted our wait list place so not sure why this was sent too!
  4. Where is the best place to purchase them???
  5. The email said the week ending 17th January x
  6. On the email it said the week ending 17th January
  7. A couple of years ago my DD did both 💰 💵 🤦‍♀️
  8. It would be £28 same as one above. It is lovely. Obviously I can’t really say if it would fit! They are quite small. Sold some 12A before then bought 14A for my daughter and it wasn’t massively bigger. Obviously if you buy it and it doesn’t fit you can sell it on. I can private message you and send you some pictures x
  9. I have the above leotard in lilac 14A if anyone is interested. Only worn a couple of times in immaculate condition
  10. DD 12 -got a yes for the Spring course think she will be really pleased as was wait list last year. Hope lots of others got good news x
  11. Perhaps it was not meant in a negative way. As a parent I feel quite nervous going down the dance route and if you have a child that wishes to pursue academics feels a safer bet to me. In that you might earn more money etc have a more secure job. All the dancers I know are incredibly bright
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