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  1. Or suitable for year 7 auditioning for year 8. My daughter would be auditioning for year 9
  2. Brand New with Tags. Never have had a Claudia Dean Leotard it’s stunning just a bit small so want to sell and order next size up! Perfect for auditions in January. Dark Navy can send photos. My daughter is a tall 12 year old. Size chart on Claudia Dean website. Leotard cost $74.95 which =£42 had to pay postage of £10 then had to pay £18 customs to get it into UK! So that adds up to £70. Only been quickly tried on. Happy to send photos via What’s App. Lovely high cut legs, low back and sweet heart neck line. Suitable perhaps for year 6 auditioning for year 7 place. Hope it goes to a good home! Happy to sell for £60 ish
  3. Also in years gone by my DDs dance teacher has got feedback which was really helpful. I think this far down the line now they may not still have the feedback to give as it’s been so long since the auditions. It’s our 3rd time on a wait list for JAs/MAs!!! People have been lucky before. I am sure if you email with your circumstances they will reply. Good Luck!
  4. I have emailed before. They told me everyone had accepted their places so unlikely there would be anymore movement. Guess they can never be 100% sure as someone could drop out anytime up until October half term. Maybe someone might move abroad who knows!
  5. Also friend said about people accepting Elmhurst places and Mids places so unless they give up those can’t see anything else becoming available! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!!!
  6. I did email and everyone has accepted their places so I guess that’s it for this year!!!!!
  7. Oh really?! Why’s that?
  8. We have been!!! Yes really high standard. A lovely girl from our dance school came first in her ballet today. She is 14 years old. Some really great dance schools out there
  9. Congratulations Swanilda! Glad someone got good news. Do we think that’s it for movement? We were hoping Year 8 London but guess if current Mids all assessed to stay on is there even any year 8 places??
  10. It was 2 year 7 girls places that I saw offered x
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