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  1. Also friend said about people accepting Elmhurst places and Mids places so unless they give up those can’t see anything else becoming available! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!!!
  2. I did email and everyone has accepted their places so I guess that’s it for this year!!!!!
  3. Oh really?! Why’s that?
  4. We have been!!! Yes really high standard. A lovely girl from our dance school came first in her ballet today. She is 14 years old. Some really great dance schools out there
  5. Congratulations Swanilda! Glad someone got good news. Do we think that’s it for movement? We were hoping Year 8 London but guess if current Mids all assessed to stay on is there even any year 8 places??
  6. It was 2 year 7 girls places that I saw offered x
  7. I think Year 7. We were hoping for year 8- think it’s impossible, have now given up hope 🤣
  8. Congrats to them though and fingers crossed for anyone else waiting x
  9. Saw on social media 2 places offered to people on London wait list. Sadly not us!!!
  10. Nothing here!!!! So people that have given up places at London will these have been offered out yet?? I think some centers still had assessments yesterday and next week. Perhaps they wait until these are all done.
  11. Your dd must be incredibly talented to of got her place in the first place. She must never forget that.My dd was a YDA associate and loved the school and know lots of people really happy there. My dd is 12 and currently is at Woodside School of Ballet doing the vocational training and absolutely loves it. The girls are such great friends and all very motivated. She currently goes to her local senior school and I think it’s been fab to do both things and have a bit of a normal teenage life. You could also try Emma Northmore who does vocational training in London I think lots of people happy there. I would be brave and talk it through with your DD and see what she wants to do. Does your senior school have a place for her? Has she been to see it? I guess this is the predicament a lot of people worry about and it’s really brave of you to share it on here. Wishing your DD the best. I know it probably does not feel like it now but I am sure this time next year she will be happier than ever. Xxxx
  12. My Dd got Year 5 JA SWL Year 6 JA No Year 7 finals and SWL Now Year 8 MA SWL! Never got a place before!! Crossing everything in the hope perhaps this year is her lucky year!! X
  13. Will keep you posted!! Everyone on the forum so kind and supportive!!! X
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