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  1. Moorlands is a lovely vocational school with fantastic teaching staff. My dd was in a very fortunate place to be offered a sixth form place there to start this September. We were very fortunate to have more than one offer for sixth form place which was totally unexpected and overwhelming. We didn't take up the place at Moorlands in the end but cannot praise it enough. The audition experience was lovely, the students and staff were all approachable and informative and I would definitely recommend applying there.
  2. Hull, your scaring me with the pointe shoe sending! I can't believe they may need more already!!! Magazine is a great idea. The freebie thing on the front is an absolute winner! Off to shops in morning .....!
  3. Hi pups_mum They do love their parcels don't they! We have sent fluffy slipper socks, face packs, hair masks and sweets. Gone down well I think! I've started to put together the next parcel already and have got some more sweets, some hair bits and bobs and I'm thinking of woolly hats etc as I'm sure the cold will soon be arriving!
  4. My dd has tried a few brand and has a definite favourite and I agree taxi4ballet what fits and works with the feet is the ones to go for!
  5. Thank you for your kind wishes. Everything was really quick from audition dates to offers. It is only through this forum that I have found so much info on Ballet West and other schools and to get parents opinions and in some cases the actual students is really helpful as you say a prospectus doesn't always give the kind of info we need! I only joined a couple of months ago although I had been reading for a while! Wishing you best of luck on your dance journey.
  6. Is Tring too far? My dd was a Tring Associate and found it amazing. TPA head Janet Devenish is fantastic. We had a few different classes and would highly recommend them all. It's definitely worth a look especially if you could make a whole day on a Saturday with drama, dance etc so worth the extra miles! Welcome home!
  7. I also had worries about her pointe shoes not being the ones the school favoured but so far we are ok! My dd auditioned at several schools and was lucky enough to have more than one offer. The Ballet West audition was unlike others as it was only a few girls auditioning in the existing class of first year students. The parents sat in the main house and chatted to Gillian. It was a really lovely experience. There was no pointe work but a short interview after the audition with Gillian. Accommodation costs are £500 per month including bills. Obviously food etc is an extra personal cost. Th
  8. Hi ballet bean It's a great site isn't it! I continually learn things I didn't know and have found so much information that I would have had no way of accessing elsewhere. Uniform is from Dancia. We are London based so can easily go into the store. But for those who can't get there they deliver and I have seen other mums posts on here about how helpful Dancia have been with sending out leotards and exchanging sizes with no problems etc. I sent my dd with enough shoes to keep her going but as she will be home in half term we can get anything else she needs then. Again I think lots
  9. Hi ballet bean I can't answer travel questions yet but will let you know soon! The plan at the moment is to get the train from taynuilt to Glasgow and then fly home to London. A lot of the older girls do this and have said that although a long journey it is straightforward. Regarding food we have set up a tesco account and they do home deliveries. My dd hasn't ordered yet though as we stocked her up before we left! With regard to A levels, it wasn't a consideration for us but as it happens the course at Ballet West does include the AS equivalent of English in the Scottish Highers. So
  10. Hi, my dd has just started at Ballet West. A young 16 as a June birthday. We looked at the schools and accommodation options and in the end her school choice was Ballet West. Only a couple of days in but so far the school is fantastic and she's delighted with her choice. I was very worried about a self catering option and personally thought that a boarding environment would be easier but actually she was ready for this and being a bit fussy can make more personal food choices etc. luckily she is a great cook and I'm amazed but she is actually cleaning now which is a new experience as refu
  11. We arrived home at 4am this morning after leaving Ballet West last night at 6pm! Stopped for an hour for food on way. Now I'm home it's that awful feeling that if they need you I'm so far from dd that they will just have to manage! Am sure she is fine as she was out with your Dd pups_mum for dinner! Very excited to start school today and I can't wait to hear all about it. Big adjustment all round but am super proud of my dd going so far away. But to live this dream is a privilege to only a few so I wish them all the best of luck and to all us mums feeling like me stay strong and if all e
  12. Funnily enough I've just received an order from eBay for ballet shoe decorations for cup cakes! They have loads of different options some edible some not! Good luck!
  13. Thanks to everyone for their replies. It is so nice to hear back from so many members xx
  14. Thanks anaballerina She will definitely do that! Thanks so much for the tip.
  15. Hello everyone. I've been reading with my dd for months now and it has been such a helpful source of information. After completing all the auditions and been lucky enough to have a choice we have also accepted our offer from Ballet West. My dd loved it there and felt at home and can't wait to start. She actually met someone at Pineapple from Melbourne who had come for an audition and had accepted her place there too! Is there a Facebook group where all the new students can chat with each other? My dd does know a couple of girls who she did summer school with last year also going but it w
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