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  1. A pity the brief is no longer available but as you say reading between the line leads to all manner of speculation as to what possible changes might be in the planning.
  2. Does anyone know what is happening with NYB next year? I was booking a show at Sadler's Wells and noticed that there is a show in the Sundays I would have expected them to have the Gala Night.
  3. Not all those who get an RBS associates offer can do a flat froggy so this shouldn't put you off applying. DD was never able to get flat but her friend who could was having knee and hip issues which it turned out were being exacerbated by the froggies. I have been told that this is often considered a "vanity stretch" and that many of those who are in this stretch look good but may not be doing it incorrectly. It should be done with a supported body and proper alignment for any meaningful benefit. Good luck with your applications.
  4. If your DC is happy at their current school would they take up an offer (assuming it was with a new MDS award, if you need it) and move school or is it just that they want to be seen by the prospective school prior to auditioning for US ? We were advised that some schools use their summer schools to seriously look at those they would be interested in and have heard of DC being asked if they would consider applying when the time came.
  5. The RBS have changed the system they used from OpenApply which would appear to have been an in-house system for applications for vocational, associates and courses that they have used for the last few years to a web based event registration system Cvent. As a result it would appear that no-one on the old system (those who have DC in current programmes or have been on recent courses) received a system generated email. Instead everyone on the mailing list received the general applications are open e-mail Hope this makes sense?
  6. Here is the link to the rehearsal schedule. https://www.londonchildrensballet.com/files/5015/6820/3499/Rehearsal_Schedule_2020_Provisional_Schedule_FINAL.pdf It takes up virtually every Sunday for six months of the year and most of the holidays. The tour rehearsal dates will vary - I was not able to find out the dates - but these are less intensive in terms of time commitment but I have heard they are very dance intensive so worth it for the experience. Good luck to all those applying.
  7. It's a long time since I stood at the back of the stalls for opera but from memory I can't recall being able to see the surtitles.
  8. I did read something recently about the number of those who have competed in the YAGP and continued dancing as a career. It was a relatively small percentage. Sorry but I cannot find the article - maybe others on the Forum have seen it and can recall more details.
  9. There are plenty of tutorials on You Tube for the braided hair. As with buns it is best if the hair is dirty. Gell spray for the fine wisps and double the hair net. Good luck!
  10. Thank for letting me know Picturesinthefirelight Does anyone have anymore information on the level of funding at Moorland and which years it covers?
  11. Do you know if they offer DaDas as well?
  12. We were told that Moorland only have two dance bursaries a year and that they go to Year 7 (but would be happy to be corrected) if anyone knows of those being offered one joining in other year groups. Apparently they focus their bursaries on the football side.
  13. Thanks Bluebird22 - yes these are similar to what I have been looking at. I have seen foot thongs but she wasn't keen on the ides for the reason you have noted.
  14. Can anyone help me with pirouette shoes? DD has asked for a pair and I have a few questions. Do they really need them? Can they not just use ballet shoes or will they then just wear out all the quicker? Which is best - leather or canvas? I have read some reviews and am now even more confused. Canvas seem to be more popular but more likely to wear out quicker. Thanks
  15. Yes wait list for us too - wondering how high the numbers go up to! All I can say is we are going to withdraw! Sorry to say that I am not sure it will help anyone out though! Would love to know if anyone who applied from January received a place. From what I was told the move of the course back to the old premises has meant the new format doesn't easily fit. Saying that when the new format was announced the staff didn't know how it would work out! Feeling cynical about even applying next year.
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