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  1. Up until an hour ago you could still buy tickets! That’s a sudden change.
  2. To be accurate you can go back into a boarding school but after 14 days of self isolation. The situation may also change in the next four weeks.
  3. As RBS is residential they will have to abide by the rules associated with boarding schools. My nephew is having a friend from Asia stay at Easter as if he goes home he will not be allowed back to sit GCSEs. ENB Easter Course have written to say that any students who live in or have visited the listed countries are asked not to attend.
  4. Can't give you feedback on last year as we too were in the long waitlist queue! However DD has been before and loved it. High standard of ballet and teaching - prefers this to RBS. I see that have upped the age to apply and I also read they are having smaller size classes. Sounds like they are making changes so I would be open to trying again.
  5. Congratulations to all those with places and well done to the well deserved scholarship and bursary recipients! Any Week 2 or 3 places been offered yet? Anyone been offered two weeks?
  6. Sorry to see you go - I have found your posts most helpful. All the best to your DD in her future career!
  7. This year’s final is taking place in Coventry in the Warwick Arts Centre.
  8. Glad it’s not just me who can’t find anything. The main prize winners and a few scholarships were listed and it said the full list would be published but this has not been updated. There is also nothing about prizes for this year and the sponsors list has not been updated the last time I looked.
  9. Thank you - if you do find anything it would be good to know. DD has never done festivals or competitions and only done repertoire as part of a course so we don't have a tutu but she could borrow a tutu skirt and we do have a longer length skirt which she she used for graded exams. Not sure I would want to have to go to much expense to find it isn't needed if she doesn't make finals. How many get to dance on stage of those who apply?
  10. No I never found anything more - no one we know who entered won anything other than a Dancing Times subscription. Having said we weren’t interested in applying DD has been talking about the variations and has picked one she thinks she “knows”. I don’t feel she is the required standard so not sure what we might do as I don’t want to put her off. We might yet apply. Do you need. “fancy” costume? Can you just wear a leotard and skirt or tutu skirt? Hopefully whomever posted the deleted message responded to you personally.
  11. We don’t even have an online profile as far as I can see.
  12. My first thought it is the new system. You no longer have a record of what you applied for and the system emails are unclear.
  13. I think it was year 9 and Mids. Today was also Years 10/11 and SAs and US and AAs.
  14. Do you know if it is going to be possible to watch the masterclasses or just the performance?
  15. No plans to enter but had thought about going to see it this year so have been waiting to see the adverts but not heard anything. They haven't updated anything on social media since last summer and I also noted that they never did announce the other winners from the partner schools and companies. I was beginning to think it wasn't going ahead until this thread started.
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