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  1. As the seasons are changing, a pair of gloves, scarf or hat or some soft wolly socks. Lip salve etc. Small torch.
  2. With a 9 year old dancer. It is good to see that our Ballet dance teacher had this article posted on her Facebook page. Under no rush for points.
  3. My daughter goes to Download dance. It is a central Abingdon RDA Ballet school. http://downland-dance.co.uk there is also Marsh Tomspset which covers a wider field of dance http://marshtompsettdance.co.uk and also Amanda who also covers other dance forms ://www.aadanceacademy.co.uk. All in Abingdon. Also Abingdon Youth Ballet for monthly classes and holiday courses. Theatre wise there is https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk and http://www.abingdon-drama-club.com/juniors.html in Abingdon. In Oxford lots of different theatre groups but http://pegasustheatre.org.uk has lots of youth classes also look at the https://www.cornerstone-arts.org. Hope this gives you some leads.
  4. First lesson after summer and results are back. Little Bambi is very pleased with her Merit.
  5. She is 9. Don't worry she will just like the medal at the end, to match her other two. She will not be fussed about the marks as it's not something which I push. I think she is too young for that especially as she has other interests such as Scouting. Her camping bruises should have faded by then.
  6. Will try that. She has a once a month two hour none syllabus ballet lesson tomorrow with a small local youth ballet. It's a different teacher but I'll ask her to show DD some exercises as my DD loves her lessons but she does work them hard. I get to watch for the first time tomorrow.
  7. Less than two weeks to DD Grade 1 exam and the ballet advice I get from her ballet teacher it to put a brick on her head. Bad timing means that the current growth spurt has just undone much of the hard work they have both put in the strengthen DD feet and legs over this term and DD is back to beginning a bit like a new born foal.
  8. Hello first post so hope this is allowed. As a none dancer, I have been reading a whole different world on this forum of JA, Associates, Vocational school etc, but living in Oxfordshire we are a little away from all the main ballet activities. For people like me, whose daughter likes to dance but would like something affordable and local, Abingdon Youth Ballet run a summer school for a week, this year the theme is Sleeping Beauty the first week of August. Days are a mixture of technical class, prop making and a repertoire class with a demonstration and performance at the end. Ages 8 to 18 usually split to the two levels of ability, with boys welcomed. Abingdon Youth Ballet don't have a web page but do have a Facebook page with some details of the summer school. https://www.facebook.com/abingdonyouthballet/ PS I have no commercial links just happy customers, mum and DD aged 9.
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