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  1. my dd has absolutely loved her 1st year at the hammond, its one of her brothers that misses her the most hes 7 and he always gets into her bed at a night. both young boys still sleep with one her her teddys, they have got used to it and coped better than me they dont cry anymore when she goes back i still do after i have brought her back after half term but then again i drop my 20 year old off at same time to get train from chester back to leciester to his dance academy. I think the house mothers have really helped and its nice to know that they really do know your child. Seeing them in shows has really helped and you can see that they are in the right place for them.
  2. i had heard the mda awards were based on ballet but then i got told its all about potential in yr 7 not sure about other years, I would say for solo pick what strongest at,my dd did street dance for her solo. She said noone else did street at her audition they were mainly ballet or contempary.
  3. well done amydancer on your ds getting a place and well done sarah on your dd getting a place. i can say that i have had no problems with the boarding house or staff, my dd has been very happy and very well looked after, even though she been poorly alot she has always been looked after and never left on her own, the staff let you know aswell so your always kept in the loop if you know what i mean.
  4. i think she definately not drinking enough she uses her hand sanitiser alot aswell i asked her, my dd onlymanaged to do her ballet assesment so far as she missed the others due to illness so i'm not sure what feed back ill get on others. im looking forward to the parents evening though to see how she is getting on, i know from her she loves it but interesting to see what teachers think.
  5. she has had a sleep and seems alot better and is now eating lunch, i think it could be overtiredness and she is not eating breakfast, i have told her she needs to keep her strength up so breakfast is a must she has never liked eating breakfast and she used to go to bed at 8pm last year so that extra hour and alot more dancing could be the cause just getting her body used to it, thankyou all. the boarding staff said they have had a few bouts of illness and they dont usually catch things either so its been a bad batch of illnesses.
  6. does anyone elses child keep being ill, this is the 4th time i have had to pick my daughter up being sick with headache, she has never been so poorly shes never normally off last time was only 2 weeks ago. do you think this could be a sign of homesickness she says its not and shes happy just wondered if anyone else has experienced same
  7. my dd is also looking at getting a degree in dance, my son is in his 2nd year of a hnd with the option to stay a 3rd year to get his degree. We visited alot of universities and dance colleges 2 years ago and alot of auditions later , he found the best place for him and the place he really wanted to go originally he didnt like as much as the one he has gone to now, so i would definately say if possible visit these places then it can be easier when being offered the places which one suits best. My daughter has her mind set on addict the same as my son and i dont know wether thats because shes not as confident and she knows her brother is there or whether its best for her, so i will definately be trying to visit as many places aswell with her. its different ball game with my dd though as with my ds as he went to a dance college and they advised him where was right for him to audition whereas my daughter is in 6th form high school so not much advice.
  8. just spoke to my son for you he said addict facebook page and studio 79 forgot to add my son is 19 so alot of the classes he does are all around your age
  9. i would check them out on facebook as they are redoing there website
  10. my son is at addict dance academy in leicester which is connected to teh uni, he specialises in commercial and goes to loads of classes of an eveing too, what type of dance are you looking for he may well know of a few good places or know people who do
  11. my dd has not mentioned any exam to me, all she has spoke about is oliver, and who likes who and who is in who's room for conway. and they all love noodles can i take them all some lol.
  12. im so excited about today about the parents tea and bringing dd home, even though i visited my dd last week to bring her some stuff and she rings me every night, it seems like ages ive missed her so much.
  13. I hope they all get better soon my dd was lucky she got away with just feeling ill with headache so she was only off yesterday when they rang me they said 6 girls and 2 boys had it so far. And usually this happens at the beginning then they fine for rest of year fingers crossed they all follow suit.
  14. Just thought i would say i started pointe at 9 and had to have my shoes specially made as my feet were so tiny i think i was an 11 or thereabouts, i am now 39 and still got small feet size 3. my feet grew in a very pointed shape and i have a very high arch i dont know whether my feet would have grown that way or not. I started ballet at 2 and was put with children older than me as i was advanced and i remember lots of discussions first between my parents and ballet teacher. my friends my age didnt go on pointe till a few years later i rememeber them being very jealous and wanted to try mine but their feet were too big and couldnt fit in them. to be fair gymnastics has ruined my body more but i did gymnastics at a very high standard (british team) and i wouldnt change it for the world, i think we need to just do what we think is best at the time
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