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  1. Hi is the mirella blue set still available and if yes, please could you send me some photos? Thank you 😊
  2. I will sell the lilac 9501 for £20 inc postage - it is brand new but without tags having only been tried on. Very beautiful and soft leotard.
  3. I have two brand new degas leotards for sale - only ever tried on, one with tags still attached: Size 10A lilac 9501 begonia 9502 £30 each to include postage.
  4. Hi - interested - please could you send me some photos? thank you
  5. We were at the Eastleigh 2.15pm yesterday! My daughter also loved it. The lady did say there were 1300 applicants this year!!
  6. My daughter (8 years) is starting the Young Dancers Academy Associates in a couple of weeks! Very excited to learn more and become part of this school!
  7. Hi £330 per term (10 weeks) - first session is 9am-12pm. Hope this helps
  8. Hi Non residential - very last minute thought so doubt we will find anything but worth a try!
  9. Morning Does anyone know of any summer intensive courses in the UK for the week of 9th August? Thank you
  10. Morning! I have seen mention on this forum of the big four and would like to know which these are. I'm so new to all of this! Thank you!
  11. Hi - my understanding was that results would be sent out in July.
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