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  1. Well Elmhurst is a wonderful school. I doubt you'll find better!
  2. That's an inspirational story follycat. Very nice to hear something like that.
  3. Not wishing to sound contrary, but I personally don't think there is a certain look, type or physique. I think they select children for certain reasons and hope they've made a wise choice. They don't have a crystal ball and therefore some decisions made are incorrect. I suspect they try a different method the following year in an attempt decrease the numbers leaving! It's all trial and error like everything really.
  4. You certainly don't necessarily need to attend the RBS to achieve a contract with either RB companies! Many children attend these vocational schools, RBS included, and never gain a ballet contract.
  5. Also 20 dancers all in the same costumes/ hair styles with good techniques in height order will all appear to look alike. They are drilled like an army. You could make very individual dancers look uniform quite easily.
  6. Speaking from experience even to stand at the side propping up the scenery you have to be very good. They don't pick corps de ballet fonder. They pick individuals who all begin at the bottom. Even the greatest dancers were corps de ballet once. Then it's simple survival of the fittest as to who moves up above that. Speed of learning and being injury free will help with promotion through the ranks. A beautiful face or just charisma will win through. So many factors come into play within a company.
  7. I know of a little girl who was a beautiful dancer. She had a tidy physique with all the attributes listed above. Sadly she was turned down by RBS on several occasions. This knocked her confidence and as hard as I tried to persuade her to keep going, she eventually stopped dancing. Very sad really. At one time the RBS would've snapped her up but not anymore. As dame Merle Park said years ago when she was director, "we look for that light in the eyes!" I remember those words because that sums it up.
  8. I just hope they are picking the best dancers!! Dancer being the operative word. No good having big arches and sway back legs if you can't actually dance! Whilst the body must be pleasing on the eye, the ability to move is the most important attribute. There are many body types suitable for ballet. Simply look at the two RB companies. When I'm asked about the desirable physique for a dancer I always say, "a body that is strong with good technique and classical lines, a good face, decent feet, musicality and most importantly that x factor that draws you in."
  9. At Elmhurst auditions the director and many members of ballet/dance staff are present. A video is taken too! The panel are a healthy mix of male and female representatives. It is virtually fool proof! I always feel that when a child auditions there, they really have had a good crack of the whip!
  10. And a dancer's life has more ups and downs than the big dipper at Blackpool! So all in all its probably just as well they get some practice in as youngsters! Where there is a will, there is a way!
  11. Well said Flora! I know way too many talented children who have had the no letter. The good news is that other schools have benefitted from the RBS'S mistakes and the children in question have blossomed and perhaps by default ended up in a much better situation!
  12. Yes that's what happens and good luck to her/him. I always say it will all come out in the wash anyway! May the best person win!
  13. It is also the case that whilst he has been director several children who failed to gain a place at the school via audition have managed to enter the school with a trial week/day or simply a private class. There is definitely a discrepancy between the head of outreach and the directors choices. Just to put the final nail in the coffin, it's also the head of outreach that selects for summer school! If you're not Mr.Annear's cup of tea, then it's all over for you!
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