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  1. We have not received any results either. Was wondering if they send them out by age level?
  2. My dd is attending weeks 3 and 4 and we have not received invoice yet either. I was told they would come last thursday/friday but still nothing!
  3. Thank you at L_One my daughter was under impression everyome got waitlisted so maybe this will help! It's okay though she is going to Paris Opera for a week!! Good luck to everyone
  4. Does everyone get on the waitlist if they don't get a yes? Have never applied here before.
  5. This is pure torture? Has anyone received a no yet?
  6. Finally received it Biscuit! Hope you have a great time at ENB!
  7. Thanks Biscuit I hope we receive something soon!
  8. Has anyone received information regarding what they need to bring and scheduling etc for summer course B? Thanks
  9. Thanks Amme! She will go to ENB summer program for both weeks! We are bringing the whole family over from Canada! We can explore while she dances!
  10. That's amazing Amme my daughter was accepted there too but her ballet school wouldn't allow her to go because it conflicts with their summer school! Your daughter will have a great experience!! Good luck to her
  11. Where in NYC is your daughter going Amme? Congrats by the way!
  12. Thanks everyone just woke up to find my daughter got a yes too!
  13. Has anyone received an email with resukts yet? Sorry for my impatience just hard to make summer plans when we don't know yet!
  14. Thanks Anna C . It's great to find other people waiting for those letters like we are! Don't know anyone else here in Canada who has auditioned! Nice to find you all!
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