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  1. Very keen to attend this so if anyone has a ticket I would be eternally grateful.
  2. Thanks everyone, for the reassurance, I would put it in the cloakroom normally but with the building works moving to the Amphitheatre and the discouraging info, I was concerned - all reminiscent of travelling with Ryanair!
  3. I am going to a matinee at the Opera House and have to go straight on to stay overnight but they say now you can’t take a case or bag to a performance. Has anyone experience of how strictly they apply this rule? I only need an overnight bag but what can I do with it? Any advice or guidance appreciated. It seems rather restrictive to say just a small handbag. Many thanks
  4. Fantastic Michelle it’s yours, very happy it’s found a good home.
  5. Great seat E37 Side Amphi Left, £14. Sadly I have to be away so will miss this MacMillan triple bill.
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