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  1. Morning, My daughter has recently submitted a video audition for Elmhurst year 12, she has had an email saying they have received the video but any ideas how long it will be until we hear if she has been successful or not? Thankyou 😊😊
  2. Do you think we will definitely hear today about B'ham mids? they cannot make us wait until after the eater break can they?
  3. I am waiting for Birmingham yr 7 mids Balletnat1
  4. A huge congratulations to your daughter sugarpumpkin, what a fantastic achievement. Well Done to her It is a NO for my daughter. x
  5. Hello, THANKYOU. Yes, tutugirl my DD auditioned on Friday for yr 7
  6. Good Luck to everyone waiting for WL results I am so excited but nervous too to find out the outcome of the audition for my daughter
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