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  1. There’s an interview in English/ French between Nicolas Le Riche and Charles Jude further down in the link to the performance...
  2. Double Bill: Three preludes by Ben Stevenson and Suite en Blanc by Serge Lifar Can be seen on following link until 17th April: https://www.operanplay.se/en/performances/ballet/
  3. My daughter was in the first group for Upper School & AAs yesterday - does anyone know how many groups there were auditioning?
  4. I believe that the School will be moving at the end of the year - according to info I heard during Summer course...
  5. Thank you all for your replies! Most helpful 😊
  6. Do any of you with DCs attending weeks 1&2 have any information on schedules - my daughter is attending the last two weeks, and we'd like to know how many hours she will be in the School every day. The information provided states 4-6 hours every day, do starting & finishing times vary greatly from day to day?
  7. Our DD is going for the last two weeks, she would also like to make contact with other girls her age (14-15) as well as finding out if anyone will be staying nearby. Please message if interested!
  8. Thanks Knh - is that information on the website or did you hear back from them?
  9. No, nothing as yet - will post if I hear anything!
  10. Hi there, My 14 yr old daughter has applied to attend weeks 3 & 4 of the course. When I spoke to the School last week they were about to find out whether the Summer Course would be in existing/ new premises, and as I understood it they expect to have that information around the end of this month. Am planning to look into accommodation after that... DD will be too young to stay by herself, so hoping to have some guidance from School/ via those who have had previous experience!
  11. Hello, I have also been following this thread, waiting for news! Just received an email now requesting payment. DD is attending WL week 4
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